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  1. Hi, I am looking for advice on how to create a Select Filter when building a report in Hornbill. Due to data quality issues I'd like to add a criteria that is an OR rather than an AND when I press the + symbol. I'd also like to look for the occurrence of specific text in the Description field. In SQL terms I want something like SELECT * FROM Requests WHERE (Service Name ="A" OR Description LIKE "%some string%') AND Status = Open Thanks James
  2. Assuming there is no change in this? The suggested BPM process looks complex; the issue we have with using activities (beyond what is already mentioned) - is that the Scheduled Activity which HAS to happen on a given day is drowned out in a list of Tasks that can happen at any given time (or within a time period of several days). I can see it maybe working if there was a way to prioritise tasks to pick out the MUST DOES from the SHOULD DOES. Also, the Request List is great as it gives individuals and/or the team one place to check to see what works needs doing - for all Incidents, Service Requests, Problems etc. Managing repeat tasks as activities means there are two places analysts need to check. We've got around this by using a Sharepoint plugin to act as a scheduler, triggering an e-mail to Service Manager to generate an ticket. However, we are moving to Sharepoint Online and the plugin is no longer compatible. So need to look at alternatives on how we auto-generate tickets OR look for a way to set up a new process and train the team.
  3. Is there a copy of the data model that would make it easier to create reports using the Hornbill Reporting Feature? At the moment it is guesswork to identify which field or table is needed to create the report output that I want. Thanks James
  4. Hi, we would also like to see e-mail notification for Activities. It works very well for Requests and Incidents ... Activities will be easily overlooked if other types of work are sending e-mail notifications and Activities aren't. Thanks James
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