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  1. Hi, We're trying to set up a system whereby the majority of emails that come through should automatically raise requests that choose the summary, description and specific category based on the contents of said emails. I know how to set up basic email routing rules and templates but I'm not certain how to configure the business processes/ progressive captures to dynamically check the email cotents in order to raise relevant requests or whether it is even possible. Would I have to set up a routing rule for every type of request that we want to be raised automatically or would it be possible to do it in a more dynamic manner? (apologies for the way the above is written, I'm unsure how to phrase the question)
  2. Thanks @Steven Boardman and @James Ainsworth that's a huge help. I'll add that step into the progcap, and yes it is when raising them manually as well. Thanks again
  3. Hi, When we used to raise requests from email it would automatically add any attached files to the call. (This is going back quite some time now) But now we are only able to attach files to the request by either applying an email to an existing request or by applying files that we have downloaded. Is there a setting that we can change so that it will attach files when raising requests again or is this no longer possible? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, Is it possible to automatically email a scheduled report on a weekly/ fortnightly basis? I know how to schedule reports so that they run at various intervals. But simply don't know if there is a way to auto-send them. I would appreciate any responses. Thanks
  5. Thank you very much @DeadMeatGF, That's worked quite well
  6. Hi @DeadMeatGF, Where would I need to put that in the query exactly?
  7. That's alright @Victor, Thanls for the explanation. As far as the other part of this goes, what would be the best way to set up the report? Much appreciated
  8. @Victor - Is that a new change because it has worked fine up until now? Also, what would be the best way to display this info in a report? Thank you
  9. Hi Victor, Thanks for getting back to me. What we would prefer is to be able to have the all of the data since we started using hornbill to be included this as the idea is that it displays the all time records for our administrators.
  10. Hello, We previously had a widget setup that would show each users record number of calls resolved within a working week ever. It simply showed their name and their record number of calls resolved. However, we have not used this for a while and when I went to look at it today it flagged up an error stating "The maximum number of rows allowed (100) has been exceeded, query aborted". The query is as follows: SELECT h_resolvedby_user_id, COUNT(h_pk_reference) as resolved_count, CONCAT(YEAR(h_datelogged), '/', WEEK(h_datelogged)) as year_week FROM h_itsm_requests WHERE h_resolvedby_user_id IS NOT NULL GROUP BY h_resolvedby_user_id, year_week ORDER BY resolved_count DESC Can anyone help? Is there a better way to do this now?
  11. Thanks Martyn, This sorted the issue. Sorry, I would have said sooner but I've not been in since.
  12. Hi @Martyn Houghton, What do you mean by the bypass option exactly
  13. Good day, In our current setup we have a PC connected to a tv screen which is set up to display our Hornbill slideshow. It currently has to be connected to the domain and using our domain accounts in order to simply play the slideshow. Is there a way to share the slideshow via a link that can be accessed without a hornbill account? Thanks for the assistance in advance.
  14. Hello, I was wondering why the look of the request list and requests themselves changed in the last update? There used to be boxes around diferent section which gave it a far cleaner and sharper look. There is nothing about this mentioned in the update log?
  15. Thankyou very much. This has fixed the issue.
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