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  1. James Bartle

    Can't select dates in form

    Thankyou very much. This has fixed the issue.
  2. James Bartle

    Can't select dates in form

    Well that is a better way to put it. It's too early to think grammatically.
  3. James Bartle

    Can't select dates in form

    Hello, We are currently having an issue with one of our forms. When a customer attempts to fill in the form to request a new starter they cannot select a date out of the calendar pop-up other than the date on which they are filling in the form. Every other date is greyed out and the cursor becomes a crossed out red circle. Please help!
  4. James Bartle

    Call resolution record widget

    Hi Chaz, Following that what specific things would I need to change in order to have the chart show up?
  5. James Bartle

    Call resolution record widget

    Hi Chaz, How exactly would that be set up sorry? I tried pasting it into the filter to no avail. The image attached is the way the options are set up. Would you be able to say how they should be in there at all? Thanks
  6. James Bartle

    Call resolution record widget

    Hi, I was wondering if there was anyway to set up a call resolution record widget. By this I mean having a widget that displays the top 5 people who have the resolved the highest amount of calls in a 7 day period. But showing this forever. E.G. John Smith has resolved 84 calls in a week at some point and Keith has resolved 76 calls in one week. These top 2 places will be displayed on a widget as these values forever (Unless they manage to beat that amount) We like to have a bit of friendly competiton in the office so this would make it all the better. Thanks.
  7. James Bartle

    How can I remove users from widgets (using filters)

    That is very useful, Thanks Bob
  8. Hi, I was just wondering what the command would be to remove another person from a widget. One of our team has recently left and due to company policy we cannot remove his account from the system yet. However, we have widgets that come up on a large screen in our office detailing the amount of calls that have been resolved by the top 5 people in a week, month and year. I would like to know what command I would need to use in order to specifically filter him out of the equation.