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  1. thanks Trevor. That doesn't really work for us - we want the ability to send a link to a specific faq or article to customers. IE - here's a link to the article showing you exactly how to do this. Not all services will be customer facing either, as we are looking for simplified portal options so as not to confuse people.
  2. thanks Gerry. A KB style would be my own personal preference that is openly browsable. However, we will need to consider what we do in the interim
  3. We had wanted to setup some document areas for basic users - like a KB area. I set the role of Basic User to have permission to view a library, but can see no way of them browsing it? I'm hoping this is possible?
  4. Hello - can you please explain in more detail how you achieved this? Any images I try and upload into the library ends up in My Buzz ...
  5. Hello - is there any up date to this? Both the login and Logout splash pages show the hornbill logo and we want it to be our corporate one ...
  6. we would also like to see this for admins - but also for service.hornbill too. We have a growing number of staff who work remotely, in clients offices, from home etc. Although they can email in, it stops us from encouraging staff to use the portal and use less email.
  7. thanks Bob - we will do a mix of all three I think. I now have the simple lists and ext reference working, I just need to figure out how to delete the test boards we created!
  8. Hello Just starting to configure HB and I have a simple scenario that I cannot figure how best to progress. Our printers are all managed by a third party. A user will call up and state the printer screen requests an engineer with fault code XYZ. How do you create a ticket that shows it has been escalated to a third party and we are awaiting an engineer to attend? thanks in advance!
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