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  1. The behaviour noted above is, of course, a product defect and is believed to have been an issue that has been around for some time and not introduced by the last update of the Service Manager application. This would mean that the issue was gone unnoticed until very recently. One reason why this might might be the case is that the issue is only seen if the owner of the request is the one to view the request and only then if there is not an update for them to read. In other words, if the request owner either opens the request to perform an action (and so legitimately causing the Last Updated field to change) or simply notices they have an update to review, then there is no anomaly and the Last Updated field retains its integrity. The defect has already been fixed and will be available in the next update of the application. This is scheduled to be released in the third week of March, although will be subject to the progress of internal testing.
  2. Hi, the location information has always been presented and you can see where you last reported it from the Settings page in your Buzz. Users can disable or restrict its reporting from their mobile device. In the case of an iPhone, from Settings>Privacy>Location Services. More information at https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Hornbill_Mobile
  3. Back in April we took the step of postponing the introduction of automated updates for Hornbill applications because of the impact and uncertainty caused by COVID-19. This past three months has been extraordinarily difficult for everyone and whilst there are no doubt still challenging times ahead, we believe that it is now appropriate to revisit this and have set a new date of July 12th for it to come into effect. By way of a reminder, this change means that all new updates across the whole Hornbill service (and not just those of the Hornbill Platform and Administrative tool, as today) will take place seamlessly in the background. This also means that there will be no need to schedule and attend a CAB every time an update appears and no more concerns about missing out on new features and functionality whilst still on older versions of an application. Put simply, there is nothing for you to do. We would like to thank you for your patience in respect to this delay and take the opportunity once again to thank all of our customers who have played, and continue to play, an important role in helping the country and general public get through these unprecedented times.
  4. The RCA for this issue is as follows:Around 12:30 BST on Wednesday last week, a small number of Hornbill customers were impacted by an issue that left them without access to Hornbill Service Manager for up to three hours. Full service was restored to those customers, and a fix has since been deployed to prevent any further occurrence of this issue. The issue was not caused by any application or platform update, but was the result of a pre-existing problem with our SaaS configuration management system.The issue was ultimately identified as being caused by incorrect handling of a database communication error for a particular part of our SaaS configuration management system. This led to incorrect subscription values being applied to a small number of instances in our UK data center.This issue caused significant problems for customers over an extended period of time and we sincerely apologize for the temporary loss of service. Although the number of customers impacted was small and whilst outages of this nature are very rare, we recognize Hornbill fell short of the high standards we set ourselves. A Lesson Learnt Review is always conducted after major incidents of this kind and in this instance, we have already made changes to ensure this could not happen again, and we are working on further improvements that will make this particular area even more robust in the future.Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to those affected.
  5. Hi @Trevor Tinsley Sorry, I missed your question until it was just now pointed out to me. The delivered changes for Hornbill Platform and Application builds will continue to be communicated via the Announcements section in the Customer Forums and also can be found under the Latest Changes tile from Home>System. There is not advance notice, which I think you were asking about, and no formalised release schedule, as in keeping with the continuous delivery approach. That said, a 90-day view of Development work is though provided for the Service Manager application on the Success Portal for customers subscribing to the Premier Success Plan. The delivery mechanism for open source integration tools made available on Github will continue unchanged. As per my update in another post a short while back, this change has been pushed back due to the current situation with COVID19. Regards, Paul
  6. We recently communicated directly by email to all our customers to provide an update on this topic. I will take the opportunity to follow-up here for those who may have not seen this or other forum users who are not our registered contacts. Although responses to this capability have been universally positive, we also received feedback that expressed concern about such a significant change being implemented at this very difficult moment in time. Upon review and taking your feedback into consideration, we have taken the decision to delay this rollout until the end of June. We appreciate that this may be disappointing to those who were looking forward to this change and unfortunately, we are not in a position to selectively enable this functionality on a customer-by-customer basis. Rest assured though, we are ready to go as soon as collectively we get through this immediate crisis. All of us at Team Hornbill would like to take the opportunity to express our deep gratitude to all of our customers both on the front-line of the fight with COVID-19 and those supporting key workers and the general public. We would like to reassure you that we are here to help where we are able and so please do get in touch with us at customer.success@hornbill.com if you think we can be of assistance.
  7. @nasimg A support request has already been raised and I believe one of the team has reached out to you. Our cloud team (and Support) are currently looking into this. Indications at this stage don't point to other customers being impacted.
  8. One element of our vision for Hornbill has been the elimination of the dreaded software upgrade that is typically both expensive and time consuming for customers. Being a solution operating in, and built for, the cloud, enabled us to adopt an agile development process that supports continuous delivery. Essentially, this means that Hornbill takes on new updates both regularly and seamlessly in the background and crucially, without you having to lift a finger. Up until this point, we have only been able to deliver on this vision for some elements of the solution, such as the Hornbill Platform itself and administrators still needed to press the update button for each of the applications. I am pleased to announce that starting at the end of the month we will be extending this across the whole Hornbill offering by providing automatic updates for the whole portfolio of Hornbill applications too. This means no more worrying about getting up to the latest application version and missing out on new features and functionality, and no more scheduling and attending CABs to approve that change each time an update appears. This, in turn, allows us to move towards smaller and more frequent updates; which both reduces risk and ensures customers get to see the value of each new feature as soon as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  9. @Stephen.whittle Congratulations and great to hear! I'm sure you'll get a response from others successfully using Service Manager outside of IT, but in any case I'll be in touch to see how you are getting on and to help out where we can.
  10. Hi @Trevor Tinsley , firstly I apologise for the inconvenience caused to you and others affected by the outage this morning, especially anyone else who also had annual leave disrupted. In respect to the this particular question, it is possible to view the support requests across the organisation in the Customer Portal and this is outlined here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Contacts#Customer_Portal . Obviously, in this case, the setting is on our very own Customer Portal and so it is our configuration that needs to be changed. We provide access to see each customer contact's own requests by default, but change this to provide a broader view when asked for by the appropriate authority. That said, you should now be able to see all the requests raised for your organisation. Please do get in touch if you would like other nominated contacts to also have this ability.
  11. Hi @Steven Cotterell, sorry you are experiencing this problem and I'm sure that someone will be in touch here in due course. We provide the support-by-forum-only option for those customers that do not wish to incur the additional cost of, or have no need for an enhanced success plan, like Premier Success. This option though does not come with any service levels and so Hornbill does not commit to any timeframe for a response. Usually, you will find that someone does post a reply in a quick fashion, but obviously when something untoward is spotted, that is likely to not be fast enough for those on the receiving end. If you do need committed service levels for any incidents you report, then you might want to consider Premier Success moving forwards https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Premier_Success_Plan .
  12. @Izu You will only trigger an update if you actually click on the "Update" button itself. Clicking on the app icon in the centre of the tile will only open the page I showed in my first post above.
  13. Unless others want to advocate strongly for this, this additional capability seems a nice-to-have, as opposed of providing something that is really needed. Ostensibly, the benefit would be to give prominence to those requests that are resolved/closed, but this is also easily achieved from the request list filter at the top of the list. Granted, this facility is not available for lists created from customised views, but then it might seem that adding this ability (filtering on request state) in customised views would be more beneficial then adding the requested capability. Personally, I would also worry about having an overload of colour on the screen (and possibly clashing ones at that), so foresee many might choose to not take advantage of such a feature. As a result, this isn't in our plans at the moment. I could hedge and say that we could push for an enhancement request to be raised for this and declare it is in the official backlog, but then given the above I still wouldn't see this being promoted ahead of other forum requested content any time soon and so thought you would appreciate a more candid response. That said, if this resonates with other customers then, of course, that position could change.
  14. @Izu You can update to the latest build from the Administration Tool and from there see that the latest build is Build 1408 (see attached screenshot). I can see that you are not on the latest build, but this can be readily applied and should take less than a minute to complete. If you have experienced any problems with an update, as you have subscribed to an enhanced Success Plan, you can raise these issues at https://www.hornbill.com/support . Any issues with or following an update are treated as a high priority with appropriate service levels. It is not possible to revert to a previous build, but easy to deploy a new build to, in effect, roll-forward with the requisite fix if indeed necessary. Please do let us know if you are experiencing any difficulties and this wasn't just a theoretical question.
  15. Hi Giuseppe, Sorry we didn't notice this earlier. Someone from Support will be in touch directly very shortly. For future reference, there is no service level for items raised on the forums and for a guaranteed swift reply, an enhanced Success Plan, like Premier Success is required. Issues can then be raised on our website at https://www.hornbill.com/support/ . You do subscribe to this service and so I have gone ahead and raised a request for you. You can also track the progress of your requests on our Success Portal at https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/
  16. Hi Dave, If customers choose not to subscribe to an enhanced Hornbill Success Plan such as Premier Success, then they default onto Essential Success. This is centred around our Community Forums and is included in the basic subscription price. However, no defined service level are applied to issues reported here and although Hornbill developers and Customer Success make significant contributions to our Customer Forums, these are on an as-and-when basis. Critical availability issues relating to our Cloud infrastructure are covered in Essential Success and these will be picked up by the comprehensive monitoring tools used by our Cloud Team and worked on with the expected urgency around the clock on the rare occasions they occur. It is, of course, possible though that a reported major incident might not be attributable to an issue with the Cloud infrastructure and instead might have a root cause relating to the platform or application software. The Premier Success Plan allows customers to raise these, and all types of incidents via our website, with the comfort of knowing these will be handled by a dedicated team and subject to published service levels for response and resolution. In addition to that, to help get more out of the solution, the Premier Success Plan also includes the additional Expert Services time which you mention. For further details of our Success Plans, please refer to the following wiki page: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Success_Plans Hope that helps. We will also be in touch directly about this shortly.
  17. Hi again @Keith I’m getting back to you in relation to your question about our process and also to provide an update with the particular defect at the heart of this post. I would also like to thank you for the feedback. It has helped us refine what we do and is a good example of how we, at Team Hornbill, can leverage the community forums to provide a better service As I am sure everyone who reads this discussion appreciates, where software is involved, providing an accurate timeframe for the resolution of a defect can often prove to be notoriously difficult. In part, this is due to the complexities involved, but also estimation is, in my experience, not a skill that developer’s typically excel at. As a result, estimates are usually either hopelessly optimistic or with so much padding that they are of little to no value. We have up until now relied on our ability to turn issues around very quickly, helped by our agile approach to software development. However, I do appreciate that sometimes, as in this case, this leaves an expectation gap for the customer. In terms of new feature development, we only commit to new features when we add them to our 90-day queue. For customers with an Enhanced Success Plan, you can review the 90-day queue for Service Manager on the Success Portal. These customers can also see published defects, indicate that they are also affected and will soon be able to see a status which indicates progress on each. In addition to this, we have reviewed our support process and for those with an Enhanced Success Plan will also now be indicating not just the defect reference to find on the Success Portal as we do now, but also its priority and the average time to delivery for defects of the same priority over the last 90-days. The average time to delivery of recent defects is an observed metric and so I believe will prove to be more useful than any estimate that might be provided. For critical issues, there will of course be additional and more regular feedback. I hope these improvements put your mind to rest on this matter and again would like to thank you for your feedback. Keep it coming! Paul
  18. Hi @Keith, following up on the earlier comment with an update at the end of the day. I am still reviewing this with the team and will also post back with the clarification requested. Obviously, there is also the small matter of the defect you are referring to and I'll review its status with Development.
  19. Hi @Keith , Sounds like something went very wrong here. I'll look into this and get back with a more detailed reply by close of business.
  20. Hi Darren, In order to provide everyone sufficient notice we currently expect the first event to take place in the latter half of May. Watch this space (or one very nearby) for formal notification of details of the program. Regards, Paul
  21. @Keith We had set some provisional dates internally a little while back, but had not as yet finalised and communicated externally. As you say, where we are now this is not very much notice. That said, I do expect there will be a formal communication about this shortly. Watch this space!
  22. Hi @Martyn Houghton, there was a problem with the 90d display in the portal and that is being looked at. Unfortunately, this particular feature is still there and so has missed our target by quite a bit now. However, if you could see the correct version of the 90d board that I can see internally, you would see that it is next up on Development's list.
  23. @Tina.Lapere This doesn't directly address your concern, but the image you attached raised a question for me. Please forgive me asking if you really want to make those types of updates visible to your customers? If not the default visibility can be set differently using application settings in the Admin Tool. This does not affect all updates and those triggered from automated tasks in the BPM can be set independently. Apologies, if I am just stating something you already know, but I thought it worth asking the question.
  24. @Tina.LapereThanks for the feedback! Obviously, the main reason for making this change was to make the fact these updates are customer-facing more visible to users in the first place. It would be useful to gather feedback from others in the community about this.
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