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  1. Hello My team are experiencing problems either when sending emails from Service Manager or when refreshing updated information. They find that Google Chrome works the best, but is not great. Do you have any information on this experience. Regards Angela
  2. Hi Steven, unfortunately the timer does not populate in Resolve by
  3. I dont get the pencil option. I wish to change the P3 (5 day fix) to P3 (3 day fix)
  4. I only want to change our old P3 and P4 by a couple of days. This seems rather over kill for what I want to achieve.
  5. Thank you Steven. We are using the old version. I will have a read and let you know
  6. Thank you Steven. I am able to change the priorities by colour etc. But I would like to change the hours for each priority. Currently our P3 is 5 days and I wish to change it to 3 days. Where do I do this?
  7. My organisation wishes to change our priorities how do I amend these. I have created new priorities but the resolution timer does not activate
  8. Thank you David. I did not see the message above. All sorted.
  9. Thank you Steve, we are trying it now.
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