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  1. Hi Victor. We have tried to setup an oAuth authenticator, but we have stalled at API permissions. It is not finding the servicedesk as a user. FYI we were already using Classic authentication and not basic.
  2. As of this morning we are not receiving emails into Hornbill. This is usually via MS Outlook. However, we are able to see them in O365 online. Has anyone else noticed the same? What is the solution to revert back to MS Outlook.
  3. Randomly my Hornbill Account is suspended. My team unlock it for me and it happens again and again. The password is correct. Any suggestions as to why this keeps happening.
  4. Thank you Martyn, I have a call with Sam tomorrow at 10am to resolve our SLA issues. My screen looks the same as yours the above, but doesnt calculate. Thanks.
  5. Thank you Martyn. Here is the screen shot - No timer or SLA
  6. Hopefully all of the above screen shots will help. I require a 'resolve by' which is working with the SLA (priorities) Thanks James or Victor for any help Regards Angela
  7. Hello James Here is a snip of where I am at - Its been many years since I have looked at Business Process as you can see they were all created in 2016. They are all active. So how can I confirm which one is the one in use e.g WWF IT Service Request process is in addition to many examples by Hornbill. I could create a copy and then deactivate this one just to see what happens. Thanks for any help. Am I in the right place to check if Resolve by (date/time) is actually working.
  8. Hello James. Yes, sorry I meant Resolve By (being the date/time. I have looked at our BPM within Service Manager but cannot see which BP we are using. Sorry it seems muddled, they are all active. I think I may need some extra help.
  9. Hi @James Ainsworth The Resolved By field isnt being populated in the request list. Yes, Our Service Level Targets are configured against each service. I will have a look at the BPM to see if the timers are working. Let me come back to you
  10. I have a report that is run quarterly (and has done for many years). I ran the same report last night and found that from January 2022 the 'Within Resolve time' is not calculating e.g. Met/Breached. This also means that the 'Resolve b'y isnt populating a date which should be counting from the 'Priorities' SLA Please advise.
  11. I have a number of reports in the old admin portal. How can I upload these into the new admin portal reporting
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