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  1. +1 also have this issue. However we have some fields set to appear in the summary, and editing here seems fine.
  2. Hi @ArmandoDM, yes it's for computer peripheral. Thanks for the swift response.
  3. Good afternoon, I am being given the following error when trying to upload some new assets via csv. Normally when the upload has failed it's easy to correct the issue as the problematic field is stated, however it seems to be pointing to a field called h_static and I can't find this on the template. "EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[data::entityAddRecord] The text size provided (9 characters) is greater than the maximum allowable size of 4 characters for column h_static" I checked my data, and there are no columns where I'm entering exactly 9 characters either. Thanks
  4. +1 interested in adding new fields to asset types/classes
  5. Hi @ArmandoDM, Thanks for your response. Were the queries in the attached thread ran from Database Direct? I don't believe I have access but I'll see if a colleague can help. Thanks for the information
  6. Hi, When reviewing asset information, I've been coming across duplicate assets. We generally use the csv import tool for new assets and assets in the computer system class have some fields automatically populated via SCCM. The duplicates seem to have been created via SCCM. I'd like to create a report in Service Manager to help me identify all duplicate entries so they can be identified and analysed further. For most of our assets the "Name" field should be unique, as well as "Asset Tag". The "name" field matches the "Asset Tag" but has a prefix. e.g. Asset Tag: 12345 Name: DC012345 Any advice on what criteria to use for the report would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi @armandoDM Thanks for your prompt response. I'll be sure to bear this in mind going forward. Thanks
  8. Hi, We have around 160 devices that have been added into the Service Manager asset database automatically via SCCM. We have other information to add to all of these assets that SCCM doesn't populate such as; order number, supplier ID, room, order date, received date, warranty expires. Just wondering if anyone can help advise if there is an easy way to add this information into existing records without going into each asset and manually changing it? I'm guessing the asset upload feature is for new assets only and can't be used to add more information to existing assets? Thanks
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