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  1. Many Thanks Victor and Nadeem. All sorted
  2. Hi Nadeem, I cannot find the page that reflects your screenshots. Can you advise of the full navigation path? i.e Home>System>Organisational Data> Organisation I have attached a screenshot to show you what version/platform that we are running.
  3. How do you subscribe the team against the Service Nadeem? Thanks Sean
  4. Hi Nadeem, Thanks for your reply. I am not part of the new team. However when i try and assign a call "From ITUK Infrastructure Team" to the "ITUK Networks & Security Team" the new team is not showing up. Sean
  5. Hi, I need to create a new team within my Service desk manager. I have browsed to Home>System>Organisational Data>Organisation and created a new team (copied settings from previous team) I have assigned users to the role. However when I log into service desk manager the team does not show up. Can you please advise of what step I am missing? Many Thanks Sean
  6. Hi, I have come in this morning to find that that the Outbound emails are no longer being routed out. Inbound emails are working fine but outbound emails are stuck in the outbox. As far as I am a where no changes have been made on the internal exchange server. The connectivity tests results are attached. Any suggestions please?
  7. Hi, I have notice that my daily report is no longer working and I believe some of the settings have been altered. Is it possible to get a backup of the report settings? Does Service manager have an auditing section so I can determine which changes have been made? Many Thanks Sean
  8. Hi Dan, Can you advise if there is an option to run a backup of the previous version before carrying out the upgrade? Thanks Sean
  9. Hi, could you please provide me with details of the upgrade process? Many Thanks Sean
  10. Hi Victor, The reports have been available in the past? Last reports were accessed the start of September? Have the reports been removed from version 2.27? Sean
  11. Hi Victor, I have gone to Home>Service Manager> however Advanced Analytics is not there ( see attached) Thanks Sean
  12. Hi, I have noticed that the "out of the box" and custom reports, widgets and dashboards are no longer appearing within the portal. When logged in to the portal as Home>Collaboration>Advanced Analytics, select any of the the options (Measures, Widgets, Dashboards) there is the message "There are no records to display". To my knowledge the last reports were generated on the 1st week of September 2016. Is there a way to check auditing on the portal to identify what has happened to the reports? Many Thanks Sean
  13. Hi Victor, Ignore previous message I have now resolved this case. Service request emails are now being sent. Many Thanks for all your help. Sean
  14. Hi Victor, Thanks for your help I have made the changes and it now appears that the emails are now been sent. However I now have another issue. When raising new requests It automatically jumps to assign an Incident number. I no longer have the option to set customer name, priority type of request. Can you please advis eof what I need to change? Thanks Sean
  15. Hi Victor, I have deleted the email template and recreated in the Requests category. I have logged a new service request without any errors. However I still do not receive the email. I have ensured that all BPS are activated? Do you have any further suggestions? Thanks Sean
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