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  1. This issue has been fixed. Please let us know (anyone) if this issue occurs when using integrations with Hornbill API keys.
  2. The issue causing the errors following the SM update has been fixed in the latest ESP platform update deployed on all instances last night.
  3. @Stephen.whittle that's not how you implement the expression from Alex Try like this: Two criterions: 1. 2.
  4. @Victoria Heeley what errors you see after app cache reload? Did the cache reloaded successfully (i.e. did it show the green popup box with the confirmation)?
  5. @Frank Reay can you please raise a support request (since you're on Premier Success) and we can have a closer look?
  6. @carlt the API key is associated to a user. I would check if the user (that has the API keys for the integration) has a SM app subscription. Basically, check if that user is in this list. If is not, add it.
  7. There is also this... pinned on top of this forum section... having a the same screenshot error...
  8. As Conor mentioned above, restarting the SLA timer after it was stopped is not currently possible. There is a change on our list to implement this functionality in a future update. @Conor can you please add Victoria as an interested connection to the existing change?
  9. For reference I will now lock down this thread if you like to discuss this further please use the above thread. Thanks.
  10. @George Warren the fix was deployed in your instance. Do you still have issues accessing SM functionality?
  11. @all The fix has now been deployed in most of the affected instances and the issue should be resolved. Please let us know if not or any other issues.
  12. Will be. Unfortunately this fix cannot be deployed on all affected instances at once so some will be restored sooner than others...
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