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    We are excited to release the Hornbill Project Manager App after considerable feedback from our customers suggested that this would greatly benefit them and their teams to better plan and manage the multiple projects you get involved in delivering day to day. Project Manager has been published as a BETA App as we are looking to solicit feedback from you on what features and functionality you might feel are required to take this to the next stage in its evolution, you can now install the Project Manager App from your App Store. Planned Features As well as the features delivered in the initial BETA release, we have the following enhancements planned: Project Boards Plugin to Timesheet Manager Expanding on Service Manager Plugin Expanding on Project Types / Templates Resource Budgeting Project Dependancies (Completion Dates / Milestones / Tasks) If you have any feedback or requests for additional features please post them as new topics here: Notice During the BETA period, you are able to install and make use of the Hornbill Project Manager App for FREE however once the Hornbill Project Manager App is taken out of BETA and made available for subscription it will become a chargeable option. Pricing for the App will be based on the number of Named Subscribers and our planned subscription charge will be £10 Per User Per Month. Notice will be provided in advance of this switch, and you will have the option then to subscribe if you wish to continue to use the Hornbill Project Manager App. Documentation Please visit the Hornbill wiki to learn more about the Project Manager features and to view an overview video. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Project_Manager
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    Hi @Gary@ADL We have just finished some work which will provide a request list on each user's profile and Contact's record. Also accessible will be the list of services that they are subscribed to. This will provide easy access to view, manage, or export a list of requests that is associated to an individual customer (user or contact). This list is only visible to support staff and users of Service Manager. This will not be visible to the customer when viewing their own profile. As you can see, it is a fully operational request list similar to the main request list with filters, exports, and column configuration. This is being prepared for the next Service Manager update and should be available in the live environment over the next couple of weeks. Regards, James
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    @dwalby Ha, funny you should mention that, we are currently working on our next major incarnation of the service portal (more news on that soon) and one of the many new things it includes is exactly what you are suggesting Watch this space... Gerry
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    Is there the option coming to have multiple teams use the livechat at the same time, and have the ability for the customer to pre-choose which team they require? For context - we have a multi department build in Service Manager, and therefore have completely separate workstreams our customers may need to speak to our teams about. Thanks
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    @Darren Rose @Keith just to update here, we have now added Hornbill iBridge options to raise Projects automatically from business processes in Service Manager. This allows you to offer Services in Service Manager with request catalog items pertaining to raising projects - something like this: Against these options the business process engine will create a request in Service Manager, and in this process you can define the creation of a new project in Project Manager. A typical use case would be for the project request to be reviewed and approved by the business before the project is raised automatically using the Integration Call option in the Hornbill iBridge. Read more about the Project Manager iBridge Options here on the wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Hornbill_Integration_Bridge As with any iBridge option you can use the variable picker to insert variables from the progressive capture questions, request details into the newly created project, and or you can invoke predefined project templates when using the integration call. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Project_Templates The iBridge options also allow the following: * Create, Update, Remove or Get information about Project Milestones * Create, Update, Remove or Get information about Project Costs * Create, Update, Remove or Get information about Project Risks * Create, Update or Remove Project Stakeholders Hope this helps Steve
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    As the year is drawing to a close and the magical Christmas day is only a weekend away, we are now looking back at the year that passed and oh, my! ... What an amazing year it has been! Many exciting things have happened. We created many amazing and innovative things. It was a journey well worth it! But, but... Nothing of this amazing Hornbill journey could have been possible if it wasn't for, our most valued asset... YOU! All of our customers are amazing (I keep repeating this word but I can't find anything worthy to match it). It has been an absolute pleasure to have you on board with us! It hasn't always been a smooth ride, sometimes the road was bumpy and sometimes we hit a few roadblocks… But with you on our side, we got past any challenge we faced… Together! We have many, many fantastic and amazing things in the year to come so everyone, please put your seatbelt on (health and safety first!) and get ready to boldly go where no one has gone before! We at Hornbill wish you a "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" Christmas time for you, your family and loved ones! May Father Christmas make all your wishes come true! Now... if I can only find where I put my G&T glass...
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    I wanted to post a quick update on the progress of scheduled reports. We have been doing a lot of work in this area and have been looking at how we make this do some really useful things. There are a number of things we have had to develop in order to pull this together. Scheduling - we built a set of API's and system functions to support generic scheduling, we initially used this for scheduled tasks, this is now also being used to drive scheduled reports Presentation - we have re-styled all report output and have implemented PDF output, we will be replacing the HTML output with PDF output as the standard, this makes the report presentation consistent and portable on all platforms including mobile. Delivery - our current implementation of report delivery will be via Document Manager, not email. We have taking this decision as we want to facilitate other functions and capabilities, specifically we want to enable mobile delivery and report schedule history as well as collaboration of course. We are still rounding out some of the finer technical points but I am pleased to say that all of the technical problems have been solved so we have something working and I hope to have this in preview/beta in the next 2-3 weeks all being well. Gerry
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    Hi @Darren Rose @samwoo Just a quick update on this, we are currently working on a knowledge story to introduce dynamic knowledge in progressive capture - so basically as your analysts and customers are filling int their progressive capture forms, they will (non intrusively) be presented with relevant knowledge (in the form of FAQ's, requests, known issues etc). As part of this story we have improved the search query, and also applied this to the general search query used in the portals. So once the knowledge story is released, your users will get two things: 1. Dynamic knowledge during the progressive capture logging process (hopefully cutting down further on the amount of tickets which need to be raised) 2. Multi word search matching, irrespective of order or position in documents, so using the original example a search for Holiday Approval would look for matches on Holiday Approval, Holiday or Approval and return matches against all of these. Sneak preview of the NEW progressive capture search below, obviously the look and feel is subject to change before release: This work is currently ongoing but watch out for the release notes in the Service Manager updates in the coming weeks Steve
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    @Claire Holtham @samwoo @chrisnutt @nasimg @HHH @dconagh @SJEaton @paul.alexander @TrishaRush Documentation on the wiki for report scheduling and publishing reports to document manager, access on the mobile in PDF, CSV etc https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Report_Scheduling The Supporting video also covers the options to use variable date parameters in your report filters which will be used when running the report or from the point when the scheduled report is run. For Example greater than Start of Today, This week, Last Month, Quarter etc.
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    @Darren Rose I'm pleased to say that development on this requirement has been completed and will be available in the next Project Manager update. Alex
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    We already have a "Product Manager" app under development. It handles (or is planned to handle) the following major data entities. Products Components Releases Defects Features The basic aim of the application is to provide product lifecycle management. Once a product is defined, you can create releases. Released have a lifecycle so Planned, In Progress, Released as well as a status, Alpha, Beta etc... A release is essentially a container of Releases and Defects against a product. A release is considered feature complete when all Features associated with the release are implemented and all Defects associated with that release are Fixed. The application will allow you to manage/generate release notes etc. The Portal interface will provide a way for customers up-vote/down-vote features and defects, features and defects will also have a lifecycle, when they are open they will either be in the product backlog, or they will be associated to a release. Thats a very high level overview but thats the essence of the high level specification. The application is targeted at "Software Companies" who make and support software products they make. You can achieve the same thing using Service Manager, mapping problems to defects, enhancements to changes and releases to releases but I felt that the business of managing software products has some very specific needs that if we tried to meet with Service Manager would either be very hacky or would take Service Manager off in the wrong direction. I have no target date at the moment, the development work so far as been unprioritized. If there is sufficient interest from say 3 to 5 companies already using our platform who would like an app like this that we can wok with, and who would be willing to help drive the feature set and once built be willing to do a case study I would be keen to put together a working group and prioritise development of the application. In exchange for that early input, testing and roll-out I would of course offer those companies the use of the app for free, for life. @samwoo does that sound like the sort of app you are looking for? Interested? Anyone else interested at this point in time? Gerry
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    I don't think it is sufficient to limit the use of progressive capture to that contained in the settings. I can envisage us wanting different progressive captures (with custom forms) dependent on project type. It would seem to me that the project type should allow a progressive capture & BPM to be assigned. Regards Keith
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    @Lyonel I think in support of what @Martyn Houghton is saying, I would suggest the following strategies, but you should also consider why people find it difficult, that understanding is important when trying to change the way people work. So lets start with the idea that most of your people are going to be "wed" to e-mail and/or IM because thats the way they like to do things, thats what they are comfortable with. I had the exact same problem, the good news is I can pretty much guarantee that when you get your users to change you and they will be a hell of a lot happier and more productive, I have not seen an exception to that so far. Trying to explain the benefits at the early stages will be a waste of time, you need to lead people to their own conclusion, once they see it for themselves they will fully embrace the idea on their own. So this would be my top tips for transitioning your team to collaborate. First of all you need an overriding mission that you and your most progressive team members will buy into and totally support. I would recommend something like... "We are going to remove ALL internal team conversions from e-mail and/or IM into collaboration workspaces where we can capture and use the knowledge we create" and then... 1. Identify a small number of like-minded people in your team that can see the value in doing this. Get them into a room and discuss it and get general agreement that its what you all want to do. These people ideally should be some of your go-to people, the kind of people who are asked for help/support from within the wider team - I willl call these your "influencers" 2. Make a pact with your influencers that from this point forward you will only answer knowledge/how-to/general in workspaces (more on those in a moment). That means, if you or any of your influencers get a question via e-mail, instead of replying and answering the question, ping it back with a link to the relevant workspace and politely ask the requestor to join the workspace and post the question in there. You need to be disciplined here and possibly even mildly aggressive, so save for an absolute emergency where an immediate call for help is required, stick with that policy and force the issue. This is the point @Martyn Houghton is making and he is spot on here - this sis the key thing to do. 3. Select your workspaces to create wisely. Don't create too many to start with. I would start with 5. Pick a project where there is a lot of communication as one of them and add all of the people in the project conversation to that workspace and instruct/guide them to use the workspace instead of email, ideally one of your influencers will be authoritative enough in the project team, the project manager ideally to force the issue on the project where needed. For the other four workspaces pick your top 4 "knowledge conversations", for example, if you do a lot of SAP support, you will ideally have your top go-to SAP guy.gal as one of your influencers, get that person to create the SAP Support workspace and follow the rules around questions via email in step 2 above here. 4. Start asking people "have you posted that in the workspace" if someone walks up to your desk and asks you a question that you think would be generally useful information, simply ask something like "would you be kind enough to post this in the XYZ workspace, I think that question and my answer would be really useful for other team members", that way your question-asking team members are now getting to create and share knowledge in the process of just doing their job, tell them that and praise them for being part of your new way of working Now depending on the make up of your team will depend on how long it takes the penny to drop for the team, as a general rule, if your influencers alone do this, the people who benefit from their efforts will say positive things, and once everyone starts to see "success", they will pretty much all jump on the bandwagon, and that that point I think you will be very surprised at how fast the transition happens. I would give yourself from 1-3 months to gain momentum and up to 6 months for a total transition. You and you influencers will need to continue to advocate and influence for the first 6 months. Your measure of success will be when your email inbox is only filled with emails from people outside of your team and junk mail and your team members (when you ask them, should we stop using workspaces and go back to email) will so no way, we cant live without this - how did we work before we were doing this... I am happy to talk you through any aspect of this and help you on any specific issues to run into. Just keep in mind your job here is not to roll out a collaboration tool, your job is to coerce your team into becoming more collaborative through an electronic tool. I promise you though, the effort is worth it. Hope that helps. Gerry
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    @Lyonel From my experience, I have purposefully stopped responding to my colleagues who ask me questions via email or IM. I copy their question on to the appropriate workspace prefixing it with their user id tag, then respond to the question on the workspace. Though it takes a while to get through this stage, it does start to get through and make a difference eventually. Cheers Martyn
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    Good morning @alextumber @Steven Boardman @Gerry Firstly, I just thought I'd say that I ran a demo with our PMO team and IT director, and the feedback was extremely positive, so you're clearly on the right path, so thank you. It made my morning much easier than I expected I do have a few suggestions which I will post separately for tracking and convenience, but just I thought I'd share the positivity from the rest of the team here at VINCI Thanks darren
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    Learnt a lot though so I'll accept the madness. Ok so this is now all working but rather than SM handle the comms back to the user, I have the powershell script do it instead. I wanted to avoid this in order to keep the powershell as light as possible and its easier to format the email in the SM template email editor rather than in powershell code. Anyway, we go live with it today so I'd just like to say thanks @Victor and @Dan Munns for your help and keeping me sane(ish). J
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    @DeadMeatGF if you like Elite Dangerous you should try Stellaris as well... although completely different genres, this one is a 4x strategy ... spent countless hours building my galactic empire... *sigh... and the missus does not seem to understand becoming the ruler of the universe takes time and patience...
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    The CRTL+SHFT+F option is much better than automatically opening a Request if there is only one result, as I can envisage situations where you could return a single search result but it not be the Request you're expecting, and if that opened automatically it would be easy to update the wrong Request because you have instinctively assumed that was the one you searched for.
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    Thanks, Alex. All the other new features are spot on by the look of it. Also, @Steven Boardman showed me how to raise a Project using ibridge, which is also working a treat and is going to make my life a lot easier, so thank you
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    Hi @HHH We have a change in our backlog which should help with your requirement. We do plan on having subscription options on the individual Request Catalog Items. The default behaviour will be that it inherits the service subscription, but there would be options to override these within a Request Catalog Item. I will add you as an interested connection to the change. This is not currently scheduled for development. I'll will update this post as it progresses. Regards, James
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    Happy to say that a change to how we display icons is in our 90-day queue and we'll be starting on it soon.
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    Thanks @Darren Rose I'll add this sorting requirement and get back as we progress it, seems like a reasonable one Steve
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    @SJEaton here is a few examples of what we use here. All 4 examples below serve a different purpose, but they are all focused on customer feedback. Management Dashboard / KPIs: Live screen of "this month performance" "End of month report" dashboard "End of month meeting" dashboard It is a mixture of widgets based on measures, others are retrieving data directly from the database. I hope this helps you a little bit... Lyonel
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    @gregmarcroftorc the scenarios you describe are caused by the same issue mentioned by @David Hall