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    We have verified the fix resolves the issue being reported, we are just in the process of determining the fastest way to apply this, we are minutes away, thank you for your continued patience. Gerry
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    @dwalby Ha, funny you should mention that, we are currently working on our next major incarnation of the service portal (more news on that soon) and one of the many new things it includes is exactly what you are suggesting Watch this space... Gerry
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    Is there the option coming to have multiple teams use the livechat at the same time, and have the ability for the customer to pre-choose which team they require? For context - we have a multi department build in Service Manager, and therefore have completely separate workstreams our customers may need to speak to our teams about. Thanks
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    @Darren Rose @Keith just to update here, we have now added Hornbill iBridge options to raise Projects automatically from business processes in Service Manager. This allows you to offer Services in Service Manager with request catalog items pertaining to raising projects - something like this: Against these options the business process engine will create a request in Service Manager, and in this process you can define the creation of a new project in Project Manager. A typical use case would be for the project request to be reviewed and approved by the business before the project is raised automatically using the Integration Call option in the Hornbill iBridge. Read more about the Project Manager iBridge Options here on the wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Hornbill_Integration_Bridge As with any iBridge option you can use the variable picker to insert variables from the progressive capture questions, request details into the newly created project, and or you can invoke predefined project templates when using the integration call. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Project_Templates The iBridge options also allow the following: * Create, Update, Remove or Get information about Project Milestones * Create, Update, Remove or Get information about Project Costs * Create, Update, Remove or Get information about Project Risks * Create, Update or Remove Project Stakeholders Hope this helps Steve
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    As the year is drawing to a close and the magical Christmas day is only a weekend away, we are now looking back at the year that passed and oh, my! ... What an amazing year it has been! Many exciting things have happened. We created many amazing and innovative things. It was a journey well worth it! But, but... Nothing of this amazing Hornbill journey could have been possible if it wasn't for, our most valued asset... YOU! All of our customers are amazing (I keep repeating this word but I can't find anything worthy to match it). It has been an absolute pleasure to have you on board with us! It hasn't always been a smooth ride, sometimes the road was bumpy and sometimes we hit a few roadblocks… But with you on our side, we got past any challenge we faced… Together! We have many, many fantastic and amazing things in the year to come so everyone, please put your seatbelt on (health and safety first!) and get ready to boldly go where no one has gone before! We at Hornbill wish you a "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" Christmas time for you, your family and loved ones! May Father Christmas make all your wishes come true! Now... if I can only find where I put my G&T glass...
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    Would be nice if we could have a widget for your current requests outstanding or something.?
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    Would it be possible to add a section for links / external URLS, possibly as an option next to attachments? We currently use online resources such as onedrive, or sharepoint locaitons for our Project Document Management, so being able to add links to the project folder on sharepoint from the Project would be a great addition for streamlining our project workflow
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    Once again, I really appreciate it - consider this one Solved! I think the forums need a Victor Signal...
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    Hi @Claire Holtham Many thanks for your patients. I know that this has been a long time coming. I do want to let you know that we have completed some development work in this area which is currently going through testing, with the possibility of being available over the next couple of weeks, provided that there are no issues. The options that will be included are: Select the size of the Service Icons. The available sizes will be listed as Large, Medium, or Small in the Service Manager Settings. The default will be Large which is a similar size to what is currently available. Select the number of Services per page. The default will be 6 service as it currently is. This can be changed to any number. Zero (0) will remove the Show More option and just display all services. If it is likely that customers will have a large number of services, this setting of 0 would not be recommended. Adaptive Layout of Services. With the default 6 services per page, the layout will adapt to the size of the screen. If there is room for all 6 services to fit on a single row, this will be the case. On a smaller screen, these will adapt to multiple rows. Hide the Service's More Option. A setting will be available that will hide the ''More'' option displayed under each Service, allowing for more room and a cleaner look. Hide the Service's Description. A setting will be available that will hide the Description for all the Services, allowing for more room and a cleaner look. Hide the Request Counter and Impact. A setting will be available that will hide to two information icons that show the request count and the current Service status. If these are not required for your customers, this may allow for a cleaner look and feel. The result being that it can look like this with medium icons and no extra information, just the Service Name... and no 'More Services' button. While there is still plenty more that we can do to add to the Portals, I hope that this will be a step in the right direction and that you will find these additions useful. Regards, James
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    Hi all, I just wanted to share some tips on how you can take screenshots effectively, especially for when needing to take one for a forum post. Firstly. the basic snipping tool functionality in Windows isn't bad but is very limited. As per this post, I am going to suggest an even better application which will take care of ALL your screenshot needs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is Greenshot? Greenshot is a light-weight screenshot software tool for Windows with the following key features: Quickly create screenshots of a selected region, window or fullscreen; you can even capture complete (scrolling) web pages from Internet Explorer. Easily annotate, highlight or obfuscate parts of the screenshot. Export the screenshot in various ways: save to file, send to printer, copy to clipboard, attach to e-mail, send Office programs or upload to photo sites like Flickr or Picasa, and others. ...and a lot more options simplyfying creation of and work with screenshots every day. Being easy to understand and configurable, Greenshot is an efficient tool for project managers, software developers, technical writers, testers and anyone else creating screenshots. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It can be installed on: - Windows (Open Source so it's completely free) - Mac App Store ($1.99 / £1.44?) URL to download: http://getgreenshot.org/downloads/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to install it I have only ever used the Windows version so this is what I am using this guide for: (please note that your Infrastructure may have disabled your ability to install Applications. If so you should consult with them about installing Greenshot): Click on the URL above, and click on the link that says Latest Stable Either click Save to save the installation file somewhere (then open the file), or click Run to start installing it there and then. If you get a User Account Control pop up, simply click Yes. Press OK Accept the agreement and press Next > Press Next > Choose which Plugins you wish to integrate with and which Language you want to install for. In my case i am leaving the setup as Default. Press Next > If you want Greenshot to start when Windows start, simply press Next > otherwise untick the box and press Next > (note you will need to run Greenshot manually if you wish to use it after Windows start up) Press Install (I believe this installs Greenshot to the C:\Program Files folder) Once install Greenshot should be up and running. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setting it up Greenshot will appear as an Application which sits next to your system clock in the bottom right hand corner. If you cannot see this icon, then you will need to run Greenshot manually by going to Start and typing "Greenshot" then run it. Right click on this icon and go to Preferences In the General tab you can specify the Keyboard shortcuts you wish to use depending on the type of screenshot you need to take. I've left mine as Default but feel free to set up your own shortcut combinations. Read the next section for information on each of the types of shortcuts ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Types of screenshots Capture Full Screen - This is the same as pressing Print Screen on your keyboard Capture Window - This is the same as pressing CTRL + Print Screen Capture Region - When using this, your screen will freeze allow you to draw a region over the area you wish to take a screenshot of Capture Last Region - This simply freezes your screen and takes a screenshot of the last region you drew after Capture Internet Explorer - If you have Internet Explorer open, using this will take a screenshot of the page, and if the page has a scrollbar, it will scroll down and take screenshots of the entire page and combine them into a single output. Please note that whichever method you use, you will ALWAYS have a popup box asking you what you want to do with the screenshot. It is here you can choose what do with the image. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Save menu options Save as (displaying dialog) - As it says, allows you to choose the Save Location for the screenshot that you have just taken. Save directly (using preferred file output settings) - If you have amended the preferences in any way, you can specify which folder the screenshots will save to automatically. I believe the default would be your desktop. Open in image editor - As it says, allows you to edit the screenshot in Greenshot's image editor Copy to clipboard - Saves the screenshot to your clipboard. Useful for pasting straight into emails, or even onto a post on your Hornbill Instance Send to printer - as it says, allows you to print the screenshot and output straight to a printer. Microsoft ..... - Puts the screenshot straight into a blank document. If you've already done this once, then additional screenshots can be added to the same blank document over and over as many times as the screenshots you take. MS Paint - Opens the screenshot into Microsoft Paint Everything else is based on the plugins you chose from the installation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Open in image editor" save option This is the best part of Greenshot. It's in here you can annotate, draw and even blur out sensitive text. The selection tool is the one you will use to move elements around the editor. It is indicated via the mouse icon. the Draw rectangle tool is used to draw a rectangle on the image, used for hightling an aspect of the screenshot. The settings can be defined at the top, then the rectangle can be drawn onto the image. the Draw ellipse tool is exactly the same as the rectangle tool, but allows you to draw circles instead The Draw Line and Draw Arrow tools work exactly the same way, except the different is that the Arrow Tool simply has... well an arrow on the end of the line. Draw freehand allows you to draw onto the image however you like. It's probably better to use if you have an electronic pen and pad... my screenshot should show how terrible it is with a mouse. Add textbox tool is used for adding text to the screenshot Add speech bubble tool allows you to put popup text on the page Counter tool allows you to put counters in. Useful for showing which steps to take in which order. This counter increments automatically. Highlight tool as it says on the tin, allows you to highlight aspects of your screenshot The Obsfucate tool is my personal favourite, this is what i use to blur out sensitive information
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    Something like this... on a quick draw...
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    Would it be possible to have the ability to control the display order of Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ's) within the Service properties, so that they can be reorderd when displayed on the customer portal? Cheers Martyn
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    @dwalby here is the templates we use: Request logged: Request updated: Request resolved: I hope this helps
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    @Paul Smith @m.vandun @Kyle Mann @gregmarcroftorc @Lyonel please update the Service manager app to the latest build which has been deployed now in live instances to have the issue fixed.
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    @Steven Boardman I've just installed the update this morning and already I can see this search being so useful. It really is a great leap forward from what we had before. The feedback I have also received in the short time since I updated is really positive. Thank you! I'm also loving the ability to shrink the Service Portal icons and remove the need for the "More Services" button. No one ever noticed that, despite it being prominently mentioned in all training materials made available to our end users. A really strong update this one. Chris
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    It's Raining Requests ... Hallejuah!
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    I'm learning from @samwoo as I progress Hopefully one day, I get to take over his job....
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    Learnt a lot though so I'll accept the madness. Ok so this is now all working but rather than SM handle the comms back to the user, I have the powershell script do it instead. I wanted to avoid this in order to keep the powershell as light as possible and its easier to format the email in the SM template email editor rather than in powershell code. Anyway, we go live with it today so I'd just like to say thanks @Victor and @Dan Munns for your help and keeping me sane(ish). J
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    Hi @SJEaton and @Dan Munns Our changes work through a process of being designed and planned to a point where it then goes into a 90-day queue. Once a change is in this queue, we look to have it available within this 90 days. This change has made it to the 90 day queue but development work has not yet started. This suggests that the timeline for this change is to have it available over the next 3 months. We have hundreds of great feature requests and each couple of weeks, we are able to provide new features that are available to everyone. We put a lot of effort into assessing and planning these requests to provide a good spread of new functionality that supports our different customers. As you have done here, please keep active on the forums whether it be suggesting a new features or promoting something that has already been asked for. Regards, James
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    @DeadMeatGF if you like Elite Dangerous you should try Stellaris as well... although completely different genres, this one is a 4x strategy ... spent countless hours building my galactic empire... *sigh... and the missus does not seem to understand becoming the ruler of the universe takes time and patience...
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    Agree with the above... in addition the ability to add additional questions/responses at the start of a live chat which could then possibility be used to route a chat would be really useful.
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    @Darren Rose @Lyonel Just an update here on a couple of the points raised. 1. It is now possible to fix the currency for the each project 2. Total Running Costs are now shown and the Project Budget on the Project Costs view 3. On the project overview view, you can see in percentage terms the current project running costs against the project budget 4. You can now attribute hourly rates to all project stakeholders, and when adding resource time to project tasks - this time is added as Resource Costs to the project (working on resource time x their hourly rate) , allowing you to include project resource costs alongside other project costs. Hope this helps
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    Thanks everyone for all your posts. We have had some great feedback and we understand the need to provide more search options. Because of this we have brought forward some additional improvements which we hope to start work on soon. This will include some new search options within the request list and we are hoping to complete some other work on the Global Search which is currently active. We will keep you posted as this progresses. Regards, James