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    @Jeremy @Lightsource @Darren Rose @BobbyB @samwoo @Jeremy @Martyn Houghton in the Service Manager update today it is now possible to change the displayed customer attributes in the customer section on a request These are global settings and available via admin console > Service Manager > Configuration You can set different attributes if the customer of the request is a user or a contact Steve
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    Gotta love you guys! Thanks a lot.
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    @HHH hopefully in the latest Service Manager build you will now be able to add in guidance directly on the add attachment progressive capture form @Martyn Houghton in regards to add attachment on the request view on the portals you do have access to the translations strings to tweak the message which is presented: Service Portal: guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.servicePortal.home.requestView.details.attachment.orDragAndDrop Customer Portal: guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.portal.home.requestView.details.attachment.orDragAndDrop Steve
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    Hi @samwoo We are just finishing off some development work to allow a document in Document Manager to be linked to an individual asset. There is a another planned part of this change which is yet to be done and this is to link documents to document types. Hopefully this second feature will follow shortly. Regards, James
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    Until the snippets are fixed, I suggest using this variable: {{Customer Contact.H_firstname}} in the template itself (similar for the last name). If you are supporting internal users then use this variable: {{Customer Coworker.H_first_name}}. If using a mix then set them both using ESP conditions.
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    Hi @HHH, We're looking into this and we will prepare a patch to address this issue. Apologies for the inconvenience that this has caused. Thanks, Ehsan
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    Hi @Jeremy for maximum visibility, reporting would be the best approach here. As Daniel has pointed out, the visibility model for tasks is very much focused around the task owner and task assignee. Lets start by looking at a simple widget to show who has been completing tasks. This requires the Advanced Analytics module found in Hornbill Administration and we can utilise a chart style widget returning data via the "SQL Group By" data type. The data source would be something like below: The configuration above is very general and would return tasks completed by all users, including an "N/A" column as we're looking at all tasks. We haven't yet filtered on status (Assigned, completed, etc.). To ensure you're just focusing on completed tasks, add the filter: h_state = 4 and this will get rid of the "N/A" results. Setting the date column to "h_completed_on" allows us to begin looking at the data over certain time periods, for this to take effect it's necessary to select the desired "Sample Period" in the field that immediately follows. If you're interested only in the tasks completed by users that belong to a particular team (or other Hornbill group), it will be necessary to enhance the filter. The following will acheive this: h_state = 4 AND h_completed_by IN (select h_sys_account_groups.h_user_id from h_sys_account_groups WHERE h_sys_account_groups.h_group_id = "MYCOMPANY/IT/SERDSK/") Replace "MYCOMPANY/IT/SERDSK/" with the ID of the group that you're interested in. This can be obtained from your organisation structure. If you're keen to understand the other task status values, these are as follows (taken from https://api.hornbill.com/docs/_types/taskStateType ): <xs:enumeration value="assigned" esp:mappedValue="1"/> <xs:enumeration value="accepted" esp:mappedValue="2"/> <xs:enumeration value="complete" esp:mappedValue="4"/> <xs:enumeration value="rejected" esp:mappedValue="5"/> <xs:enumeration value="cancelled" esp:mappedValue="10"/> <xs:enumeration value="expired" esp:mappedValue="16"/> I hope that helps, let me know if you need some help with other task-related reporting requirements! The application entity viewer that may help with the identification of columns when building more metrics and reports: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Application_Entity_Viewer Dan
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    Hey Alex, Ok surprise me. Looking forward to the next updates of Project Manager hopefully with great features Nikolaj
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    I can clarify with an example. I have set up a field as below. Notice that the field type is Label and both Description and Default Value fields are presented. The below is the existing behaviour whereby the Default Value is presented as the label and the Description is presented below it. The change in behaviour within the current Service Manager build, shows the Default Value (i.e. the label) in the Questions section and hides the Description (or what was referred as the "answer") when the field type is Label. This change was made to improve the presentation of Label fields in the Questions section. Thanks, Ehsan
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    @Keith just to let you know it is now possible to configure the displayed customer attributes in the customer section on a request with the latest Service Manager update. In the admin console > Service Manager > Configuration > Requests you can now choose which attributes will be displayed if the customer is either a users or a contact Hope that helps Steve
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    @Martyn Houghton ok, sorry i wrongly assumed you were using the BPM for adding to board - i'll raise the question about setting the content of the card types when configuring the boards. In regards to the BPM option, it is a little involved. 1. If you choose App and or Card Type you are limited to the default content (i.e. you can't inject variables) and two way links from the request > board and board > card are maintained 2. If you don't choose an App or Card Type, you can still link back from a card on a board to the request but you won't have a link from the request > board and the drag and drop assignment is an issue on the boards 3. If you have a Card Type but no App you can link back from the card to the request and from request to the board but you can't set the content and the drag and drop assignment is an issue on the boards I've fed the issues back and we'll look at addressing these Steve
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    HI @lokent I just wanted to let you know that the work on the above mentioned change has been completed and will be available in the next Service Manager update which is due out over the next couple of weeks provided there are no delays in the release process. Keep an eye open for the release notes. A new setting has been added (com.hornbill.servicemanager.request.site.useCustomerSite) which can be modified in Administration under Service Manager -> Settings. The default is set to On which is the existing behaviour. You will need to set this to Off in order to stop the customer's site from being automatically applied to the requests. Let us know if this helps. Regards, James
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    I'm afraid not ... If the request has an owner, only the owner gets notified...
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    Yes, you would need to add live.hornbill.com there... set it to Direct Outbound ...
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    @Paul Trenter - use live.hornbill.com domain then... all instances have it by default but create it in direct outbound if needed... then change the domain app setting to use it.
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    @Paul Trenter - I just re-read what I said before and I must apologise because I gave some incorrect advice. When it comes to analyst notifications for portal updates, when sending the email, Hornbill will not use the mailbox (guest.app.requests.notification.emailMailbox). The email notifications will be sent directly to the intended recipients and this method is using this setting: guest.app.requests.notification.emailDomain (the system is basically using this API: https://api.hornbill.com/mail/?op=directMessageSendEntityTemplate) This will be one of the domains configured in admin tool here: Home - System - Email - Outbound Mail Routing. You can use our OOTB domain (live.hornbill.com) or another domain of your choice. The notification emails will originate from a noreply@domain_name address. Because these emails are not sent from a mailbox, the "Sent Items" for these is located in admin tool here: Home - System - Email - Direct Outbound
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    I am a moron... Thanks Victor.
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    Hi @gregmarcroftorc Service Manager updates usually come every couple of weeks. The next one is due this week, but this will depend on readiness of the update. If not this week, it will be early next week. In most cases when you see someone mention ''the next update'' you can usually consider it as something that will be available in the two weeks that follow. Regards, James
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    Thank you very much for your help @Miro Samuel
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    Hi @samwoo, I'm right now on it and have some things done. Can't estimate any date as I also need to involve guys from "admin" but work is in progress. Thanks, Miro
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    @Daniel Dekel Thank you for your patience, I got it straight in my head now. Cheers Martyn
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    Hi @HHH , The requested integrations should now be available on your instance When adding an integration node to a workflow using the Hornbill Integration Bridge as the defined connector, you can now create, update or retrieve Ideas against your products in Aha! from your Hornbill workflows: Documentation for this integration can be found on our wiki. Let me know how you get on with these integrations! Thanks, Steve
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