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    I cannot say. They will advise on the request once is raised. Afaik, you can cancel any such requests at any time before any actual work is carried out without any impact. But in any case you'll be given all the info you need.
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    Use? Yes. Release? No. Not yet anyway. So if you need thuis bulk import done I would suggest raising a request in this regard: https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill
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    As of the Service Manager update build 1727 a new option on the sub-states allows you to enable or disable the 'Reason' box for each individual sub-state. Here we see the option on the Service specific sub-states. This can also be configured on Global sub-states in Administration Hope this helps. Regards, James
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    As of the Service Manager update build 1727 a new option on the sub-states allows you to enable or disable the 'Reason' box for each individual sub-state. Here we see the option on the Service specific sub-states. This can also be configured on Global sub-states Hope this helps. Regards, James
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    Hi, ...the same problem, I have at least one call updated via an "email" with unchanged status - "On-Hold" thanks, Daniel
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    Aaaaaa..... 29th of Jan!! .... in Hornbill time this is like Jurassic !!! In this case I don't think there is an issue with the expiry configuration, more like a number of defects regarding how "suspend" nodes handle the expiry outcomes, meaning there were scenarios when the expiry was not set correctly which means that particular section is now in a continuous loop. Each loop lasts 50 hours. I do see how one might think it has not expired but I am quite certain it did, but it just looped back to wait for another 50 hours because of broken expiry and so on... The defects I mentioned were fixed in subsequent SM updates, I don't expect to have this scenario on any recent requests...
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    Hi @samwoo apologies for the late response. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We are working to fix it; the fix will be delivered with the next Service Manager build. Regards Armando
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    +1, we have several sub status within each Status, so the ability to do this would be nice.
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    @Darren Rose thanks for your post. I will feed this back to our development team Alex
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    @Alberto M Thank you for the update, I am glad it is working for you now. I will instigate our on internal tests to verify that we are correctly supporting Unicode our end, thanks for the report and the updates. Gerry
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    @Alisha there is an option which allows the Used By field to be toggled to a shared with option, where you can record users, groups, orgs (internal and external) etc which use an asset This will open up a Shared With selector on the right Shared assets will also show on the progressive capture asset forms, under a shared tab Hope that helps
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    @Gerry Yes, I'll update here any news I have. Meanwhile, we have our team that handle ADFS involved in it.
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    @Alberto M Has this user ever worked? If not, you could try setting up the user account and not use the Unicode characters, especially in the login ID, there could be some unicode issue here. Gerry
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    @Alberto M if any of those details gets included in the SAML response then there is a possibility it will generate the error
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    @HHH I believe you can use the % prefix to give you limited wild card searching, but would like to see this improved further. Cheers Martyn
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    Hi All Please ignore the above, I have a report created giving me the required data Many thanks!
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    Thanks for this info, @Gerry I'll talk to the staff related to the identity /ADFS system.
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    @Alberto M Just had a quick look at what this error means. The user you mention is using SSO, and this error is reporting that the signed digital signature hash computed against the digital assertion provided by your identity provider does not match the expected has result. So that leads to a number of questions. * Do you have more than one SSO profile in use on your instance? * Are other users using the same profile? and if so, are they also having problems? The error message suggests that the assertion your IDP (ADFS?) is issuing is corrupt or somehow invalid, you would need to talk to the admins of your identity provider/ADFS system Gerry
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    Are email template translations something that is considered for implementation?
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    Hi, currently we can't place multiple incidents on hold at the same time. This was a feature in Supportworks and is very useful. Currently a lot of time is being wasted by me and my team having to go into each call individually and place them on hold, give a reason why it's on hold, select a date/time. Is this getting looked at already? It's a pretty standard feature and existed in your older product so I'm unsure why it's not there already? Thanks, Richie
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    These are Basic Users. The link: https://live.hornbill.com/nph/servicemanager/request/view/SR00000127/ (this is the link from the default "ResolutionNotification" email template). I think... it should be: https://live.hornbill.com/nph/servicemanager/selfservice2/request/SR00000127/ and I am going to test it.
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    +1 to allow status changes (and sub-status) from request list
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    @AlexTumber Thanks for your answer. Yes this is what i mean. And i don´t like this "paging" in Project Manager. because i can only see on one site 6 Milestones and 9 Tasks and in Projects with a lot of them it is quit hard to have an overview. I think with an list view like in Service Manager it is much easier to get the hole picture and also this filtering and so on would be much nicer. Thanks a lot for investigation on this. Best regards Nikolaj
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    Hi @Martyn Houghton, Re: your first point, I can only replicate that if the import config is set to Create only, and a matching contact has been found in your Hornbill instance - if there's been an error in the upsert, then you would actually get those written to the log... I've added WARN entry to the log for each of these though, to make them easily identifiable: I've just released v1.6.0 of the Contact Import Tool with the following changes: Added option for CLI output to be in the terminal-default colours only Added additional log output when Create is selected in config, and Contact already exists in Hornbill Removed hard-coded list of mapped columns, so now any Contact column can be populated entirely by config To switch the colours off in the CLI, just add -nocol=true to the command, and you can now add any additional columns to the import mapping by adding new properties, and stripping the h_ prefix from the column name, incase we add any more columns to the contacts entity in future: You can get the latest build from here: https://github.com/hornbill/goDb2HcontactImport/releases/latest Hope this helps! Cheers, Steve
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    Hi @Martyn Houghton, Actually the h_tel_3 is available. Is called "Alternative Telephone 2". I'll add to the list the "Alternative Email 2" that will match the h_email_3. A bit confusing, but this is because we had first phone, then alternative phone and the added one more... Daniel.
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    HI @Martyn Houghton Just noticed in your routing rule that you've got a 'not live' option (I'm assuming it should be 'not like'?). Just thought I'd mention it in case it's causing problems!!
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    @AndyGilly Yes we have that problem when using the escalate process, with a very long list of different priorities from a long list of different service level agreements. We have in essence disabled the 'Escalate' option and now only use the 'Priority' as the initial bases for the Service Level Agreement rules. Once the request is created we only adjust the Service Level, not the priority value. This way the analyst can only select the available 'Service Levels' linked to the Service. Cheers Martyn
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    Hi @HHH The Wiki article states "If a rule doesn't match it will then check the next rule." As soon as a rule has matched no further rules are processed (otherwise, if the rule moved the email there would be no email to test or action the next rule against!)
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    Hi @Steven Boardman Thank you that did work, but only if I used "color" rather than "colour" That is getting us a lot closer to what we want to display. Many thanks Helen PS It does seem to underline it in blue after you've clicked on the link but the text stays white
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    Yes, I like that idea, @Martyn Houghton
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    @Alisha I think the best thing would be to have the option for both, customer and team visible additional columns, this way it can be used more generically for all Enterprise based services. Cheers Martyn
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    @Jo Sword yes, this is a feature we plan to introduce soon. Alex
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    @Adambingley Do you have a Request Details form in the Progressive Capture for the Change you're raising?
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    Yes, you can. The handle is stored in the h_sys_accounts table in the column titled Name. You can do a join with the h_itsm_requests table on h_ownerid
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    @Brhow that is a Hornbill email account. When did we provide this mail account. Was it during switch on? Looks like there is some incorrect configuration there... NOTE: I would like to remind everyone that Hornbill forums are publicly accessible so one might need to be careful when posting sensitive/confidential information, such as email addresses.
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    Thanks James. We found the cause. The person who set up the Report (and showed as the owner) has left the company and his user ID has been archived. As such the Scheduling did not run. Resolution - an active user copied report and deleted the original. We could not see how to change the owner.
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    @Steven Boardman Something which may make this suggestion more useful could be to have an 'Expire AT' option in the activity...so, rather than expiring in 24 hours or whatever, could an 'Expire AT 07:00' option be added? Just a thought......
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    After a bit more work and walking through the logic, I had forgotten comments exist against a post, which in the table structure are h_buz_activities, so I need to traverse through this table to link to the comments. Therefore in order to display the comments I used the following SQL. select r.h_pk_reference,c.h_comment,c.h_visibility from h_itsm_requests r RIGHT JOIN h_buz_activities a ON r.h_activity_stream_id=a.h_target RIGHT JOIN h_buz_comments c ON a.h_id = c.h_activity_id where r.h_pk_reference='IDXCR00060328' Hopefully that might help someone else if they have the same requirement to report on comments. Cheers Martyn
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