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    Hi @TrevorKillick, I was surprised when I noticed the date I posted this thread... cant believe the time. It's been a couple of weeks so here is a gentle nudge to remind you:
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    @Gerry @AbdiH Not sure where to raise this so please move as appropriate. I am at a point where I would like to re-evaluate the Project Manager app and this reminds me of something I wanted to suggest. Many of us are evangelists for Hornbill within our own organizations and I think it would be beneficial if each organization/admin was given a free license for each of your apps in order to continue to evaluate them. This would allow us to keep abreast of app developments until such a time as appropriate for our adoption (as I'm hoping is the case for Project Manager). Could you give this some thought as to whether this would be something you would be prepared to facilitate and if so to what extent. If this isn't something that is forthcoming soon can you advise the best approach for me to evaluate Project Manager? Thanks Keith
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    200% with you on this one
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    Yeah, currently its just a background to the card and the text will appear over the top, we have thought about adding it as part of the card so any text would appear below - this is on the list of things to do but have no timescale for it yet
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    @TSheward_SGW yes, absolutely.
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    Would it be possible to have the ability to control the display order of Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ's) within the Service properties, so that they can be reorderd when displayed on the customer portal? Cheers Martyn
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    Hi @Darren Rose We don't currently have auditing of a Service form that tracks these changes. We do have a change in our backlog for tracking changes to a Service. I'll add you to the change. This is not currently scheduled for development. Regards, James
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    Hi @Lyonel, it has been fixed. Will be in our next Collaboration Core build.
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    Tagging at last! Sounds a good update coming. Hopefully it will be soon
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    @Darren Rose the update is due any day now. Still waiting on some integration work between Board and Project Manager to be completed. As soon as this is done a new update of Project Manager will be released which also contains a big new feature around categorisation (Project Tagging) :-) Alex
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    Hi @TSheward_SGW Thanks for the suggestions, we are hoping to be able to introduce resizable cards and scrolling on individual Lanes at some point. Will keep you updated Thanks Trevor
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    @Dan Munns Collaboration subscribers would not have access to Service Manager requests, they would need a Service Manager Subscription for that. For approvals they will have access to the approval tasks only. In order to provide Context to what they are being asked to authorise, i can suggest injecting request data into the approval task details. This way when they receive the approval notification they will have the key information in the approval task to allow them to make a decision. Returning something like this These can then be picked up via the user app, mobile app or use the voting buttons on the notification emails Hope that helps Steve
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    Hi @samwoo That is correct that the customer of the request cannot access documents that are directly associated to a request. You can separately associate libraries to the portals following the instructions here.
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    Thank you for that information @trevorharris really useful. Could we have the ability to resize (a la win 8/10 start menu tiles) and/or collapse cards at some point; when a lot of cards are added to a lane the visibility is really impacted... And on the thought of lots of cards, could we have the option to keep the lane headings visible when scrolling down (a la Excel, freeze top row)? KR, Tom
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    That fix I just published to Live?
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    Hi @alextumber Will project task cards be fleshed out with the new update too? KR, Tom
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    Looks like there is an issue where the summary is missing if it is populated via a question form instead of the request details form in progressive capture. Hopefully this will get fixed as well. Ryan
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    If the request had a summary, then it should have been displayed in the confirmation, but that is missing from your confirmation @Darren Rose So this would explain why it has no summary on the card in the Board. In a build planned for later this month, the content of the card will display the current Summary of the request, rather than the value at the time the card was added. Ryan
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    @Darren Rose - no, these particular tickets have the summary and description taken at the point of logging. There's nothing in the BPM to update or change them....so adding to the boards at the point of logging SHOULD have all the info already.
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    @LawesD you mean this: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Working_Time_Calendars ?
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    @alextumber thanks for your explanation, make sense to have some project specific settings and that could be one of these. regards Nikolaj
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    @James Ainsworth thank you James, this clarifies me how the system is designed, but this will not help us when for exampe in a site we have 2 or more companies. how can we manage the change in this occurrence? do we have to ask a change against the system design?
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    Yet you have managed to lose a bag, a FULL bag, of time. Unless Dr Who popped up and nicked it I would say you may be overplaying your hand as far as being all knowing (within your galactic empire at least)
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    Impossible. I conquered all known space and nothing moves or even exists without my knowledge in my galactic empire!!
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    This is available by uploading an image attachment to the card, you can do this by editing the card and uploading your image. You can then set the attachment to be the card background by clicking the picture icon next to the image This is only available for certain types of cards as some cards do not provide the option to edit or attach a file. Currently it can be done on standard cards and those created from activity-streams posts. Thanks Trevor