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    Hi, I just wanted to take 30s to say a big thank you to Hornbill's team for making such a "small" change that makes my colleagues' life 100% easier :) Keep these changes coming guys :) Thanks again for your efforts. It is good to see a number of "old" changes / improvements getting delivered in recent weeks. Have a nice X-Mas!
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    @Martyn Houghton Yes, this is also an issue for us. We have not found where to do this either, so would be grateful for any pointers.
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    Hi, Will have a look into this. Hopefully, should be quite simple to fix - will let you know when we have fixed it thanks Trevor Harris
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    Hi @Paul Alexander, Sorry to hear that. We've just seen this problem and are working to resolve it. The contact is created but you get this error when you open the contact details. For now, as a workaround what you can do is create a custom button (no matter what it has), save it and then open the box again and delete it. That will populate some default data that is not at the moment and will make it work. I'll update this post when we have the fix for it. Thank you, Daniel.
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    Hi Steffen, to add to Stevens description above, here's how that would be achieved: If Line Manager information is being stored against a user (typically populated through the user import) there is scope to replace the first human task with an automated email to the line manager as follows: Of course you can adjust the "on-Hold" behaviour to suit your particular scenario(s) too. Dan
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    Hi @Lyonel, I'm sure I've given you many Service Manager gifts in the past but consider this one your Christmas treat... Fixed in the next Service Manager build, due to be made available on Monday 17th. Thanks, Ehsan
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    Hi @Lyonel It looks like this has been adjusted and it should be available in the next Service Manager update. Keep an eye open on the release notes for the update that contains this. Regards, James
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    Unfortunately, we don't have a template for this, however, these are controlled by the following translation strings so can be updated there: security.passwordResetRequest.authorisationRequestSubject security.passwordResetRequest.authorisationRequestMessage
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    Hi @Joyce I just wanted to confirm that this is now available in the live environment. You may find that your existing FAQs will not have this as at the time, the data wasn't being captured. However, it will be available on all new FAQs Regards, James
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    @RobW I reported the issue back to Hornbill via the support channel. They acknowledged a bug in the system and are working on it. There is still no date but I would expect it to be fixed shortly (they are generally quick a these things). @Victor fyi
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    Hi @David Hall Thanks very much. I thought it would be a nice and simple fix.
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    Hi @Nikolaj Thanks for your post. I can see that having some visibility of the when the Milestone is due within this view would be useful. A milestone that shows little progress, but has a due date coming up soon could help someone with their priorities. I'll feed this back to the development team to see if something like this could be included. Regards, James
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    Thanks @Gerry - had FOMO for a moment there!
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    @Steffen Also, I wanted to mention that there is some work that we have in our backlog which will provide some more notification options when using the Update Action. The way this will work is if the visibility of the update is set to 'Customer' it will automatically send an email to the customer. I will add your interest to this change. Regards, James
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    In the absence of form field logic i am not sure there is a perfect solution for you here. In reality the Actions you wish to invoke in the event of a Major Incident either on initial report or subsequently would have have to be at defined places in your workflow so On Log check priority for example On action 1 (task complete, any suspend action etc) check Priority etc Each of which would branch on major to the actions (nodes) you would want to perform. This approach is not really practical to configure nor real time, as you would only check on an action. An alternative might be to raise a linked Incident as needed - i.e on initial logging check if major and let the BPM kick in, you could automate the creation of the MI using the log request node in the BPM), if you needed to escalate to MI at any other point in the Incident lifecycle, you could raise a linked Incident which had your MI process and let your MI ticket cascade down updates and resolution to this or other linked Incidents. Neither ideal i accept but i wanted to make some suggestions, happy to see if others have different approaches which could be taken
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    @Darren Rose just an update to say in the next Service Manager update, Service Availability metrics will be available, not 100% what you were asking for here but i thought it may be useful from an availability perspective - remembering of course you can change a services status automatically as part of of a business process, and you have the option with this new feature to view MTBF, MTTR and Availability % per SLA per Service https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Availability The next update is due in the next week to ten days time