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    Insights19 Additional Resource Material for the “Masterclass in Business Process Design and Automation” presentation Following on from the pratical component of this presentation at Insights19, a few delegates have asked if we could make some of the example workflow available for download so they could upload to their instance and test themselves. This forum post has those workflows attached, as well as some additional information around the topics discussed. Admin BPM Design Functionality (Wiki Info: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Business_Process_Designer) Snap to Grid To turn on Snap to Grid permanently, please turn on the following system setting in Admin --> Collaboration --> Settings --> admin.feature.workflow.showworkflowcanvasgrid Stage Templates Replace node Add node between connected nodes Stage Notes BPM Category BPM Security Controls To enable BPM Security Controls, please turn on the following system setting in Admin --> System --> Settings --> Advanced --> security.bpm_access_controls.enabled Progressive Capture (Wiki Info: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Progressive_Capture_Designer) Session variables for use in questions. The session variables available, and their correct format to use, are as follows: {{user.fName}} {{user.lName}} {{user.accountRefUrn}} {{user.currentTimeZoneOffset}} {{user.userId}} {{user.userName}} {{user.jobTitle}} {{user.mobile}} {{user.email}} {{user.telephone}} Conditional Fields Service Request Process Features Wiki Markup and Date Formatting (further information: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Wiki_Markup) Role and Team Based Approvals/Authorisations Task Capture Fields (further information: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Capture_Task_Fields) To enable Task Capture Fields, please turn on the following system setting in Admin --> System --> Settings --> Advanced --> experimental.feature.bpm.allowcustomtaskfields Incident Process Fetaures Ticket Routing based on Time/Date logged (further information on iBridge Utilities: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Utilities_Integration_Bridge) Mark Ticket as First Time Fix (further information: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow) Post to Public Workspace/Comment on Existing Public Workspace Post (further information: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow) Other discussion points Question from a delegate: "Can we view all of the existing Services and their linked Catalog Items, Progressive Captures and Business Processes?" Yes, we have a useful report you can upload to your instance which provides exactly this info. I've attached it to this post named Active Services Report - download, and navigate to Admin --> Service Manager --> Reports --> Create a new report --> Click the Green Icon to upload the file --> Save the report . Active Services Report.txt Insights Progressive Capture.pcf.txt Insights Service Request Business Process.txt Insights Incident Business Process.txt
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    Hi @Adrian Simpkins, @Nick Brailsford, Thank you for you interest. We are going to have a series of meetings about this, but to give you an idea, we think that between 5-6 weeks you will be able to have a preview release with the basic functionality. That way you will be able to explore a bit and start configuring your services you wish to expose in the new portal. Still both portals will be available and you will have a choice to enable or not the new and old portal at any time. That will also be a good time for you to give us feedback. From that point, we will be releasing every two weeks updates and in about 8 weeks we will have a production ready and stable version of the new Employee Portal. We will keep you updated once we have more accurate details. Thank you, Daniel.
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    Morning @Martyn Houghton @Dan Munns @Malcolm One of the questions on the Integration Round Table yesterday was: Can we write to a Hornbill Activity Stream (workspace) when a message has been added to a channel on Microsoft Teams? The answer is yes I've knocked up an example flow to demonstrate how that could work for you: You just need to replace the instance ID in the URI with that of your instance, the Authorization header needs a valid API key for an account that can write to the activity stream, and of course the activityStreamId in the body will need replacing with yours And this is what was written to the workspace in Hornbill: Note I'm using the HTML to Text node to strip out any HTML tags from the comment, as un-encoded HTML in the XML payload would cause the API call to fail. Hope this helps, Steve
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    Hi @Steve G Good presentation and good to meet you yesterday with @Aaron Summers. Really appreciate you demonstrating this as we can visualise it and take other ideas forward. I wonder if there could be a searchable repository for sharing and viewing this kind of content? Thanks, Samuel
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    Hi @Adrian Simpkins Really glad you enjoyed the event, we hope to make these available to you within the next few days expect a Post even email from the Hornbill Marketing team Kind Regards Trevor Killick
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    Hi @Steven Cotterell, This is more of a Microsoft Graph restriction than Hornbill I'm afraid. The Graph API that posts a message to a Teams channel needs the Group.ReadWrite.All permission (and odd permission, granted, but this is Microsoft...), and this specific permission requires admin consent during the login/oAuth process. See the Microsoft permissions documentation for more information: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/graph/permissions-reference Now, the Graph API we're using to post to a channel (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/api/channel-post-messages?view=graph-rest-beta&tabs=cs) is still in beta, and subject to change, so I wouldn't be surprised if the required permissions become more relevant (and hopefully no longer requires admin consent) when Microsoft promotes this to production. If/when that happens, I'll create a Teams-specific keysafe key type with permissions locked-down to just those required to perform the Teams actions. Will bookmark this post and let you know when that gets done Cheers, Steve
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    @Dan Munns, Instead of invoking logRequest method, I would advise you to refer to the methods below (depending on the Request type you intend to raise)... https://api.hornbill.com/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Incidents?op=logIncident https://api.hornbill.com/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/ServiceRequests?op=logServiceRequest https://api.hornbill.com/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Problems?op=logProblem https://api.hornbill.com/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/KnownErrors?op=logKnownError https://api.hornbill.com/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/ChangeRequests?op=logChangeRequest https://api.hornbill.com/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Releases?op=logRelease These methods will automatically kick off logRequest and logRequestBPM, so you don't have to chain the APIs in your code. By providing serviceId to any one of these methods, the Business Process that is associated to the supplied Service will be spawned, otherwise you can override the Business Process used via bpmName parameter. Hope this helps. Ehsan
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    @Shamaila.Yousaf you need to have the following right to see the reporting option under the Service Manager tile: * Service Manager Reporting In the admin console you will also need to enable the following system setting: Admin Console > Service Manager > System Settings This will then show the following option: You will find some of the reports shown at INSIGHTS in there now, but the next Service Manager update due out early next week will add to this as follows: * Ability to use custom columns to build report criteria * Ability to use custom column data in the report columns you configure to display * Additional reports including: Incidents and Problems fixed by a Change Incidents and Problems caused by a Change Requests with Connections Requests with Overdue Tasks Closed Requests Also recall that each of the existing reports allows you to create you own custom reports, so for example the default Active Reports could be used to create hundreds of variants using the clause builder and the grouping options, for example Open Incidents by Team, or Priority, Site etc Active Service Requests Raised in the last 30 days by Hope this helps and do look out for the next Service Manager update next week which will give you lots more capability Steve
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    @Keith Just drafting a blog post around Insights 19 now, When published i will post a link here. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
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    Hi, Could we have to option to search / filter on the variables in the email template creation? There are so many variables now and with them not being in alphabetical order it would be useful to be able to filter them. Thanks, Dan
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    It would be good to have the choice of a different approach to customer feedback. Instead of a star rating to have a serious of Emoji type icons representing a sad face, happy face, angry face etc. They could be tied to the existing star rating classification in the DB but for the customer be a more pleasant customer experience. @Adrian Simpkins
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    Hi Simon, I noticed that there is a space in the file name gtl banner2.png This is a bit of a guess but might be worth testing. Prior to adding the bulletins it simply displays this image, which as you say works fine. Once you add a bulletin, the view then uses a slide show component to scroll through the bulletins and the main image. I wonder if this slide show component is having some trouble with this space.
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    Hi @dwalby I shouldn't think this will be too difficult to add, I will have a look and let you know when we have this feature ready Thanks Trevor H
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    Hi @samwoo, Thank you Was great meeting you both too. That's a good suggestion - I think this sub-forum is probably the correct place for this type of content, but adding tags to the posts might be a good way to easily search and retrieve them? Would save on having a separate sub-forum, or using a third-party tool like Github Gists... I'll have a think about suitable tags, and get that set up! Cheers, Steve
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    Yeah that is what we are looking at, will confirm here soon.
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    thanks for the replies... @Logan Graham - I COULD create a new team, but we already have a blanket HR Admin team which is used for assigning the 'general' queries on a Round Robin basis. It's just a few specific requests which need to be assigned to a specific individual, and I think that adding more teams would possibly make things a bit difficult, and would mean that i'd have to go through all our services and add this team as a supporting team to make sure the requests are visible, etc, etc and I think maybe the overhead might be a bit much at the moment. @SimonSheldon - what you're suggesting is exactly what I'm looking for BUT.....although you can assign TASKS to a Role, you can't assign a request to a role: (The Task Assignment DOES have this option): So...could I ask Hornbill to look to see if adding this assignment option would be viable and sensible please? thanks
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    Hi Steve, I'm trying to set some time aside to do some testing with some different scenarios and try to replicate the issue that you are experiencing. I'll come back with any updates that I have with the results of my tests.
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    I know. But at the moment it takes around 30 - 50 seconds from kicking off the api to the call logging to complete. Then I have to invoke the BPM. If it could all be done at once it would just be...neater
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    @Dan Munns oh... hmm.... I see... well... the API itself does not spawn a BP so either the description is incorrect or the API needs to be redesigned to do the spawn... I'll take this with dev team Meanwhile, logRequestBPM would do the trick...
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    @Alisha looks like it's possible using the additional text formatting options. Here's an example: [[https://www.hornbill.com|<span style="color: red;">Hornbill</span>]] This would make the word Hornbill appear as a link and be shown in red.
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    @Steven Cotterell To be honest I am not sure we would even know that. To the best of my knowledge, the authentication scheme we are using is OAuth2, so the rights that the service account needs would be something I expect should be in the Teams documentation. Teams is not something we use so I am honestly not sure we would even know ourselves without looking it up. Our integration engineer that built the integration might know but he is on leave now until next week, hopefully, if he knows he will be able to let you know Gerry
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    @Dan Munns this ability has been added, it will be available in a Service Manager update shortly (not the update due out early next week, but the one after, we missed the cut off for that update and associated testing etc), so keep an eye out for the release notes.
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    Is it possible to both add and remove a service subscription for an external organisation through the BPM workflow? We are looking at implementing a process where an organisation will be given access to a service for a temporary period of time in order for them to do UAT project testing. I am looking at using a Service Request to add the subscription, put on hold for the period of time and then on off-hold remove the subscription, so in essence there is no manual intervention or someone having to remember to remove a subscription to the service. Cheers Martyn
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    +1 - This is very interesting idea and definitely a big beneficial for us too. +1 from @samwoo too
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    I have now started a forum so we can at least get discussions underway, please visit here. https://community.hornbill.com/forum/153-crm-external-customer-service-support/
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    Hi all, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a way of holding the FAQ documents in a central place and having a system for what service to display them on? At the moment we have a few FAQ documents that are relevant for more than one service and we will have to make sure that all copies on all services are up to date rather than update a central document and then display it across multiple services. An example of this is adding a mailbox to a corporate mobile. We have had instances of iOS updates dropping the mailbox so the FAQ will show in 'Incidents', we will also display it in 'Service Requests' as the request new hardware service lives there. Finally it will also be displayed in 'Mobile Devices and Remote Working' and in 'Staff Changes' for new starters Obviously should the document change we will have to remember to update all 4 documents. This isn't too bad at the moment as the number of FAQs I have written is quite small but once we start using the system in a live function and the FAQs are also written by the analysts and the number grows it will be a task it itself to make sure all copies of documents are up to date. I was thinking of showing all FAQs in one tab and having a multi select drop down list of available services after each one as per the attached image.
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    @dwalby No, as far as I know the routing rules are not aware of the status of the Request so when they fail they will just drop into the designated failure folder and if you need to alert a customer you can do it from there.
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    We are also interested when this will be released
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    Hi Dan, We weren't able to add a filter at this point, but we have changed this to be alphabetical. I hope that will help. This should be available on one of the upcoming automated updates to Administration. Regards, James
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    Top tip - any time you get that error on the wiki and you notice that the page name ends in a ')' just delete the ')' and you'll more than likely get the right page - it's normally due the the forum trying to be too clever and incorrectly guessing what's part of the URL!
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    Hi all, Just wondered where to find the setting that was mentioned at Insights 19 which provides the ability to send a customer an e-mail when an analyst uses the Update Action within a request? Also what email template is used in this instance? I think @Martyn Houghton was also interest in this... Thanks in advance?
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    @Steven Cotterell - this is on my plate now... I need to look into a few things here, please bear with me ...
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    @dwalby this setting will be in the Services > Request Config > Actions - This feature will be available in the next Service Manager update which is due our very shortly
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    You couldn't have timed this better, I was just going to look for Session variables for use in questions. The session variables available, and their correct format to use, are as follows: {{user.fName}} Thank you!!
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    This has been updated in the latest version. I can now see the edit task icon against every task. This is much better from a UI point of view., thanks for the quick update.
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    @Patrick Bolger you mentioned at the Insights Event that you were looking for ideas on how to further encourage customer to customer collaboration which I think is a great idea which is why the Insights event is so valuable to customers as we have a face to face opportunity to engage. However, another one would be for Hornbill to share some published documents that are ITIL and industry focussed but also relate to your Hornbill product range for solutions to these. I don't like to swear on the forum but Cherwell are a good example of this with lots of white papers available for download guiding prospective and existing customers in the right direction on ITIL, industry challenges etc etc. I for one have read many of their documents and found them useful in my work. Gerry gave same great ROI examples at Insights and publishing some of that content would be useful for many.
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    Hi Trevor Perfect, thanks for confirming Many thanks
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    Hi All Just wanted to say thank you to you all for the Insights 2019 event, it was great to meet everyone - both customers and Hornbill staff. It was very beneficial and it has given some exciting new possibilities ! I am looking forward to next year already ! I also just wanted to enquire when we may get our hands on the slides from the event at all please as we are hoping to use some of the content to drive forward buy in from other departments. Apologies for coming straight at you the day back to work Many thanks again all !
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    Hi @Steven Boardman Yes INSIGHTS19 was great! Yay! This has worked. I had used the Search CoWorkers user picker so I was doing something right but thought just the custom field would've sufficed. Looking up the progressive capture capture and overwriting with the Raw data worked a treat, thank you! Phew, I've been trying to get something like this working for months so this is so good Sam
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    Thanks @Steve G. Looks good!
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    Hi, When selecting a dynamic list in the task capture and then updating custom fields (or any details) with the list item selected, you do not get the option to use Raw / Display data and it defaults to Raw. Could this be added in so that it behaves like the PC lists and gives the option when injecting a variable? Thanks, Dan
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    Bingo! getting rid of the space has fixed it! Thanks Again!
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    @Darren BRay - just a suggestion, if it was me, I would look into integrating some sort of autoclosure mechanism into your processes to ensure requests are closed at some point (if this is not done manually by the user). To ensure you won't be in a similar situation in the future as manually closing 19k requests is definitely not a fun exercise.
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    @Gerry Just wondering if there will be the possibility to have a special interest group meeting for those of use who are major users of the Customer Portal outside of the Insights 2019 agenda following on from the announcement in this area you have indicated that will be made at the event? Cheers Martyn
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    @Steven Cotterell, @Cizzling I will keep you informed if anything get organised ahead of INSIGHT19 or if there is an update from @Gerry. Cheers Martyn
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    @Gerry If it would help, I do not mind hosting a informal session, in addition, sooner focusing on the existing underlying customer portal enhancement requests, given the blocking activity to split the code base for the portals is coming to fruition. Cheers Martyn
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    @Cizzling I will be sure to keep you informed also, I am hoping to pull together a small CRM focused working group to explore what areas we should be looking at with regards to external customer support. I will try to arrange a timeslot for an initial discussion on the topic an INSIGHTS 19 if you are able to come along. Thank you for your interest Gerry
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    Hello @Martyn Houghton Yes, I would love to have more structured talks around the customer portal. One of the things we have recognized in our own approach is internal portal is a very different thing to an external portal, while internal needs to be geared towards employee experience, external needs to be geared to Customer Experience, the needs of these two sets of requirements are actually very different and that's why we struggled with a single codebase. For the external customer portal we see this being much more aligned with Customer Manager, and more neatly fits into the CRM category of software functions, this is where we ultimately see our focus, and this is something we are in the process of bringing into our product thinking. There are a few customers, yourself included who would really benefit from this focus and I am committed to driving this forwards. We can certainly organize a session to talk about it, but I would love you to be more involved in this during 2019 and beyond as we expand our thinking and feature set in this direction. Gerry
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    @Martyn Houghton That's quite a timely request! We are in the process of transitioning the codebase so that the service and customer portals can have their own development paths. Right now the focus is on the service portal and the implementation in the main application as seen currently in preview. We have made a lot of good progress in this area, and one of the things we have introduced is the notion of "branding/styling per organization". However, as of right now this only applies to the service portal, and not the customer portal. On our roadmap is to do some really big improvements to the customer portal, including multiple branded portals and custom domains, we are not there yet and its not quite in our 90 day pipeline (primarily because we have to complete the code separation between the service and customer portals), but I wanted to assure you that it absolutely is on our agenda to make this change. I will keep you informed of progress. Gerry
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