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    @all We are experiencing an issue with some of our database servers and some customer might be affected. The service might be fully or partially disrupted. We are working on this. For further updates please follow: https://status.hornbill.com
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    @Lauren We have this request every so often from some of our analyst, who would prefer to see the time by default. At the moment we just remind them that they can hover over them to see the exact timestamp. Also if they are wanting to make reference to numerous updates by time, we advise them to use the print option and use the preview which shows all the timeline entries as actual timestamp. Everyone works differently so I suppose that Hornbill could implement an option which is retained on the personal preference to have the current format or timestamp format displayed on the timeline. Cheers Martyn
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    Indeed. And is a good thing, this would put additional pressure on me so I can finally get my bearings together and finish the tool
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    I can see the use of that - it would certainly make it much easier for managers etc to use. Gets my vote
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    @Tom Gilbert I'm pleased to say this feature has been added and will be included in the next Project Manager update. Alex
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    @Darren Rose you'll be pleased to know this feature has been added in the next Project Manager update. Each user will be able to set their default tabs on the project portfolio view and on the project view (main and small tabs) Alex
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    +1 from us - that would help maintain a better audit trail. Yes please.
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    Hi If you complete an activity that is assigned to someone else, it doesn't note that on the timeline entry when the task is completed. It just says 'Task X was completed by Person X' (Person X being the user that has completed the activity). It doesn't give an indication as to who the task was assigned to in the first place, or who the task has been completed on behalf of. Are there plans to add this at all? Lauren
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    Hi, I've been asked by one of our Service Desk analysts if the time stamp on a timeline entry can be amended, so that it shows the date/time that the entry was added rather than 'an hour ago' (as below). They cannot always get an accurate time that something was completed. Is this something that we're able to change? Thanks Lauren
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    Any joy on this? This is something we would like to utilise.
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    Hello, Is it possible to use a routing rule to forward emails to another email address? No raising of requests is required. Many thanks, Alisha
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    @Claire Holtham If we're using ITIL as guidance, a customer wouldn't raise a release request. Typically they'd log a service request to ask for the software to be updated (this could of course also come from incidents, or a problem records if the update was being applied to fix something), and a change request would be raised off the back of this. Once the change request had been authorised (or it was a pre-authorised standard change), then the release request would be raised and the change associated with it. For something like a software update, you might have multiple associated incidents, problems and changes associated, which could all be closed if the release was deployed successfully. In essence, release requests are outputs from your change management process, and wouldn't be raised by customers.
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    +1 for this idea please .....we too have a lot of views and they've quickly become unmanageable.
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    Hi @LawesD if Request Type is left to 'Auto' then it automatically pick the same request type as the main request. So, if your main request is a PM, then the operation will only update PMs linked to your request. Can you please set Request Type= Ignore and try again? Regards Armando
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    This would be a really useful feature for us too, so happy to contribute towards any testing of ideas etc..
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    Thanks @AlexTumber and @Victor - I'll have a look into that
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    @Lauren expanding on Alex suggestion, either one of these with a decision node: Raised before 08:00 or after 17:00 Raised between 08:00 and 17:00
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    @Darren Rose thanks for your post. This is a great suggestion and something we are already planning on adding. Hopefully it will make its way into the product soon. Alex
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    @Darren Rose thanks for your post. This will be changing very soon indeed with the imminent update to Hornbill Timesheet Manager. I will post back to this thread when there is more information. Alex
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    @Darren Rose that's what we like to hear! Keep those requirements coming :-)
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    Thanks @AlexTumber got a few more coming through this morning after a project team meeting yesterday
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    @Darren Rose thanks for your post. Some good ideas here. I will pass this onto our development and product teams. Alex
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    +1. It appears we are sharing a lot of common issues @Martyn Houghton
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    That's right Alex. You'd have a bunch of standard milestones which could be updated by a PM once the project is created.
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    @Jo Sword @Victor @AlexTumber I'll get the support request raised
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    @Victor, thank you for your reply, @Paul Alexander is current;y on annual leave, I will ask @Darren Rose is he can raise for me. Kind regards Jo
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    @AlexTumber yes these were from last year
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    hi @Jeremy I can only guess how your condition looks like but I think it's something using == (equal) comparision. To check if specific value was check probably much better would be to use "contain" expression. If it's not a case can I ask you to show me your expression/. Thank you, Miro
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    Hi @Alisha at the moment the search is done on assets whose property names 'start by' the value you type. I will mention this issue to update the search criteria according to your requirement. Regards Armando
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    @dwalby, if you are referring to the points per card, no, is not ready yet. Unfortunately I can't tell you yet when this will be ready as we have still some higher priorities. But we'll keep you updated when we have news about this. Daniel.
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    I like the idea, +1 from us. Of course with the option to opt-out by checkbox the same way as attachments
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    @Logan Graham I discussed this with our developers and they have accepted this as the following defect: PM00157117 - Requests that belong to a retired Service are returned in Self Service but cannot be viewed As a result the fix should appear in a future update. Deen
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    If you add country, please also add language
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    @James Ainsworth, Just stumbled across this thread after an Internal conversation about the need for a Knowledge Base in Hornbill and wanted to add our thoughts. We would like to see 'Documents' that are searchable for text from places like a 'Ticket' or the 'Request List' or a dedicated 'Knowledge Base'/'Document Manager' screen. The search should take place in, but not be limited to, the title, description, tags and even viewable content in the 'document'. The documents should either be available to paste into/attach to a Ticket (for Customer Visibility), or just be made viewable from a ticket as they would give ideas on how to resolve Incidents or fulfill Service Requests. The documents should not necessarily be only viewable if the ticket is associated against a certain Service. I can see in some instances, documents would apply to multiple services. It might also be useful to have 'rating'/'no.of views' stats available for these documents. Just some ideas - looking forward to seeing some progress as it looks like its been on the list for quite a while and people do seem to want a 'good' Knowledge Base. Will watch this space avidly.
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    Cheers @Steve G we will have a look and see what we can do with this. Is there a document anywhere that lists all the flowcode .substring / .match etc. stuff we can use?
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    Hi @Dan Munns, Yeah you should be able to pick that out of the request description and tag on to the end of the request summary in the BPM workflow without too much of a headache. If you have 2 nodes in your workflow, one to grab the request details, and one to update the summary: And the Summary field is populated with: &[global["flowcode"]["summary"]] : &[global["flowcode"]["description"].match(/(WKS[0-9]{4})/) ? global["flowcode"]["description"].match(/(WKS[0-9]{4})/)[1] : "Not Found"] This will overwrite the summary with itself, followed by a colon, and then whatever has been matched by your regular expression from the description field. In my example, I'm looking for WKS followed by 4 numeric digits: You'll notice that the regex is being done twice - this is just a bit of ternary logic, to make sure that the workflow doesn't fail if the regex doesn't match anything. Cheers, Steve
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    Hi @James AinsworthAinsworth, I have made a PCF that uses these new features, however I ran into the issue where I couldn't specify multiple Asset Types. For example under the software class, we have the following types: business critical applications business important applications business applications Unfortunately because I couldn't return all of these under a single PCF form I had to make all the business applications types use the same asset record state (Asset Status) and all other software types a different one. Please could I request the ability to be able to select multiple Asset Types? Thanks, Samuel
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    We have added some new functionality to the Asset Details Progressive Capture form that lets the user view the assets related to a Service. Simply change the HIde Service Assets to No.
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    There is a User Option setting on the AD Import that enables a Search For Manager Id. I believe that this should be set to on.
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    @Daniel Dekel Is there any update on this enhancement being added? Cheers Martyn
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    Hi @Dan Munns, This is certainly possible, and not that complex All you need to do is have a node to pull in the request details, then a decision node to check if the summary starts with [EXTERNAL], and if so update the summary field using the following: &[global["flowcode"]["summary"].substring(10, global["flowcode"]["summary"].length)] This will strip the first 10 characters out of the summary string as it updates it (you may want to increase the first variable passed to substring to 11, if [EXTERNAL] is followed by a space before the subject line). You'll probably get the UI complaining that the context variable doesn't exist (see the yellow flag on the Update Summary node), but this is nothing to worry about - it just doesn't like the fact we're modifying the variable... Cheers, Steve
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    +1 for this too please......
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    +1 Being able to update Child Incidents when the Parent is updated would be really helpful.
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    @Alisha @dwalby @Jeremy @Paul Alexander one option we are looking at is to replicate the filter option which we recently introduced to the default team list, would this make finding your custom views easier?
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    This would be useful for use as well. Presume it would also work for raising linked requests for follow-on issues or where a user logs multiple issues on one request in the portal. Cheers Martyn
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