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    @HHH @samwoo apoligises for this, that release note should not have been visible, as the feature is not yet ready. But as a head's up we are working on a feature in the business process engine which would allow custom fields on tasks and task outcomes - kind of like custom fields in the progressive capture designer custom forms but tied to outcomes on tasks. This requires a few internal changes and the above was an internal update for another team to pick up the baton to move this story forward. This will be a great feature when ready so watch this space
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    Hello, The amount of times a user has admittedly forgotten to put a call on hold-on after sending an email or updating a request to await the customer's response has had a huge affect on SLA causing investigations into why these tickets have gone beyond their resolution times. This is admittedly human error across the whole department, but if we can have a tick-box to help this would minimise this issue. I would like to request for there to be a tick-box in the "Email" action against a request. If ticked, once the email is sent, the call is put on-hold. The tick box should be appropriately titled "Awaiting response from Customer". There should be an additional option under the "Sub-Status" area's in the Admin Tool and Service Manager to cater for this setting. We could set a "Global Sub-Status" to auto-set when the tick-box against the "Email" action is ticked, which will put the call on hold for say... 5 working days (or whatever is set up in the configuration). This should be configurable at the Service (or even Catalog) level and override the "Global Sub-Status" on-hold timer. It could even be worth attaching this to the SLA or Service Level as well. Thanks, Samuel
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    Hello Would it be possible to have the columns on Project Portfolio amended, or have the option to configure the ones we want to see, similar to how the request list works on Service Manager? We haven't found the Last Modified By and Last Modified Date to be much use to us, but having the Sponsor, Actual Start Date and Scheduled End Date information would be extremely useful as a minimum Thanks
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    Thanks @Paul Alexander and @alextumber It's definitely slowing us down at the moment, because people are having to assign themselves the task so that they can update it, before then re-assigning it back to the original person Thanks
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    @alextumberthat would definitely help with some types of metadata, yes. There are also other areas where having access to multi line text fields would enable us to add more complex information, such as benefits reviews etc...
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    @Steve G apologies for the last reply but I have now tested this and all works like a charm. Many thanks
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    @Gerry a 'General Hardware' class would be fine. If we could also have the merging report columns linked above added then all my needs would be met
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    Hi @samwoo We have Document Tags which are used to organise documents (other than in libraries and collections), i can raise the question to see if we can include some sort of filtering by tag grouping of documents linked to other entities. Below is a view from the library in Document Manager where inside the library you can filter further based on the documents tags (process design, problem management etc) @Kelvin i've added you to this story as well Steve
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    I was wondering if there were any other Universities or HE Institutions on here who would be able/ willing to share their basic Service structure? We've started to come up with our lists of Services here at the UoP however it's quite challenging having multiple types of user, across multiple sites who are all using dramatically different services. I'd be interested to see how other people have approached this? Thanks in advance, Katie
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    That's great. Thanks, @alextumber
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    Hi @alextumber, yes that is exactly what we are after Mojahid
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    @clampj I love our dev team !!! ... so, can you PM me the details, please? Yes, I do know I said I don't need them before. That was before.
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    @Paul Alexander @samwoo @HGrigsby the admin console will be updated later today and will include the following: * Top 5 most recent PCF's will display correctly (these are PCF's which have custom forms) * The experience will be consistent when using the variable picker in single and multiline selectors (i.e the Custom PCF (All) PCF's will be listed alphabetically) * Questions listed in each PCF's will not be listed alphabetically but will persist in their order from their PCF's custom forms
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    @Daniel Dekel Thanks, thats good to know something in planned. Cheers Martyun
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    Hi @dwalby I just wanted to let you know that there has been an update for this requirement. Already available is the ability to access the Site data from a User's profile page. If a user has a site associated to them under the About tab, this will now be a clickable link which will show the details of the Site. We have also completed some work on the request where the Site that has been provided in the description of a request will also be a clickable link that will open the same site form. This is a couple of Service Manager updates away and should be available over the next few weeks. Regards, James
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    Just to update, I'm using the business process to populate the External Reference field with the relevant Progressive Capture answer in order to work around this.
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    @samwoo I was informed that it was just added to the platform, so you will probably be able to see it in a week or two ;-)
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    Hi Kelvin Apologies for the delay but I have not been able to get online this afternoon. The hotel has parking and there is a discounted delegate rate for conference attendees... o 12 hr discounted delegate parking £15 o 24h discounted delegate parking £20 The hotel offer discounted rates on accommodation for attendees. There is also a Premier Inn next door. Full details will be sent to those who request hotel info when completing the registration form. I hope that helps. Kind regards Pete
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    Thanks @Daniel Dekel - looks good already!
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    Does anyone know where is best to park? Considering the Long stay car park and then walking from Terminal 4.
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    @Kelvin must be a typo in the password... replace lowercase "o" with zero "0" ...
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    Hi @samwoo the change is in LIVE already
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    @Lyonel Yes it will return possibly in the next Server release not sure of the number, when this happens the query i forgot to check in will be there and the tab will be displayed and work again. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
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    Just to confirm that the fix around "Division" / "Company" with the ID is working fine now
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    Thanks @TrevorKillick! Much appreciated, I will keep an eye out for the next release and resume my testing then. By the way, I really like v3 of the tool. Much better than the previous version. I have to admit that as a developer myself, I very much appreciate the continuous improvement, effort and time you guys put in improving things (even if they work just fine). Good job !
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    Use the field "h_class" 3 = Basic 1 = Full
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    HI @samwoo No no limit, our big problem tends to be no-shows. We size the venue according to the number of registrations, when people don't turn up on the day it becomes a real waste of money. So all I would ask is when you register please make sure you are able to attend - save for any emergency of course. Gerry
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    Of course, I understand and I am very keen to do what we can to support you in being more successful using Hornbill, I just wanted to set realistic expectations because I know how important these things can be. My ethical stance is to never sell futures and try not to let customers bank on something that we might not be able to deliver in a specific timeframe. I am sure though reading this thread the product teams here at Hornbill will do what they can to help. Its nice to know you are expanding the use of Hornbill, that means we are doing stuff right I hope Gerry
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    sorry to jump on this late - but it would also be nice if we could sort or filter the search results, rather than just getting a list that you have to wade through, thanks
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    @SJEaton here is a few examples of what we use here. All 4 examples below serve a different purpose, but they are all focused on customer feedback. Management Dashboard / KPIs: Live screen of "this month performance" "End of month report" dashboard "End of month meeting" dashboard It is a mixture of widgets based on measures, others are retrieving data directly from the database. I hope this helps you a little bit... Lyonel