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    @Martyn Houghton - don't think there is much documentation on this (might be wrong tho)... I'll ask internally and will get back to you
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    Just a quick reply of thanks for the fast work on this one. Looking good so far since the last update.
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    @Ann-MarieJones - looking into this now, please bear with me. Based on the latest updates, this definitely should not happen but I'll investigate...
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    Since yesterday we are experiencing an issue with Office 365 whereby some of email addresses for the hornbill.com domain we use internally are not receiving any emails. Among affected email addresses are Support and Customer Success mailboxes. Therefore if you have any ongoing support request or a service request with Customer Success, and you want to provide us an update on them, we kindly ask you for the time being at least, to use the Customer Success portal (https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/) to access your request and provide any updates. Thank you and apologies if this causes any inconvenience. Please note, this issue does not affect any customer that is currently using a Hornbill email address for their mailboxes in their instances (any *@live.hornbill.com address). These mailboxes are using a completely different service, and they are not affected by this nor by any other issue that we are aware of.
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    @Aaron Summers hmmmm i see what you mean. Let me check with dev on this as it should be functioning
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    @Joyce @Darren Rose as a first step towards this we have added an Updated By field to the reports view, so you will be able to see who made the last update and when. This will be available with the next admin console update
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    Hi @Steven Boardman, I can confirm the update rectified this Sam
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    Hi @Alisha I believe that the development work for this has been completed and it should be available in an upcoming platform update over the next few weeks. Regards, James
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    Hi @Lyonel I have spoken to the development team who have now raised a change to add this in to any of the view builder options that may be missing the 'is not' filter. They have added this post in as a reference so you will be notified as soon as it is available. Thanks Conor
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    I believe that an issue has been identified and fixed and should be available in the next Service Manager update. Regards, James
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    Hi Adrian, With the Administration portal you can keep an eye on your storage usage. You need to go into the App Store and then select the Subscription option. There is a limit, but this can easily be increased. We will notify you if you go over this limit. If you do go over, everything will continue to work as normal. You don't have to worry that it will stop working if you go over the limit. The cost of additional storage is very, very minimal.
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    Something that might also help is a requirement that we are currently working on which will allow you to define a unique Progressive Capture script when the Raise Request from email plug-in is used from the mailbox. This way you can specify items in your Progressive Capture script as described above as the information you need to collect from an email may be different from whey you are raising a request with someone on the phone. This should be available in about 4 weeks time.
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    hi @James Bartle when you say raising requests from email, do you mean manually reviewing the email and the Raise Request or using the email routing rules and automatically raising a request when an email comes in and conditions are met? If it is the manual option, when you click Raise Request it will take you into progressive capture, and you will need to have Attachment progressive capture form somewhere in your flow. If you do then attachments to the email will automatically be added to the new request. It will also afford you the oppurtunity to remove any attachments (from the right handside) which you may not want to add to the new request perhaps attachments in the signature. hope this helps Steve
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    Hi @Paul Trenter I will report this issue to the dev team for investigation and fix. Regards Armando
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    @Lyonel An explanation for each visibility level should be defined here: https://api.hornbill.com/_types/activityVisibilityType Just a note, the applications can rename these so they name of each might not reflect what you would expect from a Service Manager perspective. Kind Regards Trev Killick
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    Yes @Dan Munns Both will have the filter field to set up the above so yes this applies to both old and new import scripts. You can filter on any value within LDAP, and the filter syntax is standard LDAP syntax, which is something like: (&(objectClass=person)(objectClass=user)) - for AND (|(objectClass=person)(objectClass=user)) - for OR (&(objectClass=group)(&(ou:dn:=Chicago)(!(ou:dn:=Wrigleyville)))) - for NOT
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    @Martyn Houghton @HHH @samwoo all added thanks
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    We are partly suffering from the same dilemma as @Martyn Houghton It would be really nice to have an opt-out setting for organisation view so that contacts get it unless otherwise specified.
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    Hi @Aaron Summers Sorry... I wasn't sure which bit you were asking about regarding the workaround. The reapplying of the Routing Rules or the automated deletion of emails after a set time. However, in both cases I can't think of a workaround for either.
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    @Ann-MarieJones @Shamaila.Yousaf I finally found an issue and fixed it (problem was with some files being loaded quicker than other and some of them should be loaded in order). Testing it now and if no new "surprises" found then it should be release at beginning of next week. Have a good weekend, Miro
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    @Ann-MarieJones - good news, CH*18458 is also fixed now
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    Hi Steffen, to add to Stevens description above, here's how that would be achieved: If Line Manager information is being stored against a user (typically populated through the user import) there is scope to replace the first human task with an automated email to the line manager as follows: Of course you can adjust the "on-Hold" behaviour to suit your particular scenario(s) too. Dan
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    @Charlie Jones We have raised it internally and hope to have an answer out to you soon. I see this is a popular request. I will see what I can do Thanks Pamela
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    @Aaron Summers ok so there was an issue here but it is being fixed and should be sorted in the admin console early next week