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    Hi James, Thank you for the comments - now you specify the separation of Priority and Service Level here, I can see how both would work in tandem. I am already working on inserting some prioritisation questions into the catalogue items to auto set the Priority, so I will make this part of this rollout as well. Currently we only have 2 catalogue items where we ask some questions to set the priority in the BPM dependant on the responses, and I can see this is key to implementing this new feature for the teams as correct prioritisation at the outset of raising a request negates some of the need to set this in the SLA escalation logic. Many thanks as always
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    Hi Adrian, We provided a separation between Priority and Service Level to accommodate for this scenario that you mention. I agree with your approach to increase the priority of a request as the target comes closer. The Service Level Targets will only become shorter if you are using Priority as one of the rules to assess which Service Level to use. If you are using Priority as one of your criteria for the Service Level Rules, then you can consider other criteria to set the initial Service Level, this way allowing the priority to be changed without it influencing the Service Level being applied. Regards, James
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    Hi Adrian, We do have an existing change in our backlog for this requirement. I'll add your interest to the change and I'll update this post if there is any movement on delivering this. Regards, James
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    @Alisha the "backwards" format you mention is actually the UTC format for date/time and it's the format that is stored in the database. From what I know the formatting on these values only work when used in the UI or in email templates. I'll ask dev team to see if this should work when used as you do.
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    Paul and Martyn, A change has been made to allow the maxFileUploadSize to be set up to 30MB which will be available in the next platform update. I've not tested to confirm, but keep an eye open for this update and let us know if this helps. Regards, James
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    @lee mcdermott while the above is an option it is not the most friendly query that runs on the database... to get a weekly list of records, specifically from 7 days ago at HH:MM until today at HH:MM, you can use this (simpler) filter: The subquery is not necessary as the filter is straightforward and you only need one to point the date logged to "current date/time - 7 days", no need to specify the date logged being less than current date/time, there won't be any records with a date logged past current date/time (future). Mind you that the date/time DB values returned by the report are GMT/UTC (they are not converted to a timezone such as BST)
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    Hi Helen Our instance looks ok - hopefully Hornbill will reply with a fix Nasim
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    I've not seen that error message but my first thought would be to check that all the branches within a Parallel Process are connected to the End Parallel Process node.
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    Hi, Lately we had the unfortunate opportunity to have a couple of major incidents which struck a lot of our customers. A major flaw we found in Hornbill is the ability to inform our customers in bulk, via email. We create a problem ticket and then link the individual incidents to this problem ticket. For closing all linked incidents this works fine as we can close all incidents with the same solution and the customers receive an email with the closure essage due to the BPM. But during the outage we are not able to pro-activily inform our customers to our standard. I can send our customers an update via the PM when I manually link the customer to the PM and add them to the BCC but this takes hours to do, especially when there are 200+ incidents. Adding a solution for the problem would really benefit the useabillity of Hornbill during major outages. Regards, Mark
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    Hi David, thanks for the above - I had an epiphany moment and realised we have set our timings incorrectly as we have not considered the expiration of the overall SLA timer, and have treated each priority level as if they have a fresh timer reset (which of course would not happen). So I will revisit the timings and test again. Out of interest I would be interested in how this is configured / used by others, as I can see issues with how to configure it as we want to raise a requests priority level if the request starts to breach, but of course as the priority level rises, the timers for response / resolution become shorter. So in effect how to raise a priority 5 up levels but taking into consideration that the next priority up has a shorter Response / Resolution in place. Many thanks as always
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    So with the ever increasing push to get Service Manager into every nook and cranny of our organisation we have come up with a less than unique situation, we are currently working with our Health and Safety office to bring them on board but they do not have the same ITSM framework etc. Therefore we wondered if there was a way to change their prefixes of their requests maybe per service.... so that they can raise HS00658420 rather than SR or IN? Going forward HR could then have HR000548545 and Marketing MKG00248887 for example. We would set the system to default to IN/SR/CH etc for IT related issues but per service it would be great if you could change this to something else. Thoughts.....apart from the obvious shock!?
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    Hi @Adrian Simpkins Sounds like it should be moving as you would expect, but without seeing the configuration etc it's sometimes hard to confirm whether the timer has not reached a firing time due to a mis-configuration of the escalation time or if there has been an error when it has fired. Perhaps as a test you could try adding a notification/email notification to yourself for each one to see whether you get an email even if the priority doesn't change, that would help to confirm if the event fired or not. If it does fire the event and send the email then there could be an issue specifically with the escalation of priority etc which could be investigated via the log files. Kind Regards, Dave
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    Just gatecrashing this thread - we'd like to increase our max file upload size to 30MB too but I've also got the same error as @Martyn Houghton (above). What do I need to do to increase this please? thanks
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    @Alberto M Thank you for the feedback, we are discussing with our developers. Please bear with us. Many thanks, Nanette
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    Hi Hornbill, Myself and other users of Hornbill Service Manager, are unable to add our mobile devices via QR Code. QRCode section is just blank. Using Google Chrome - Version 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) (64-bit) Jonny
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    Hi @Jeremy, This requirement has been raised as an enhancement request. Ehsan
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    Hi Adrian, The lack of something like this can sometimes just come down to not having anyone ask for it. I'll look into this and see if we can get it added to our backlog. Regards, James
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    I thought that, when I looked at the 'Requests' view when I'm looking at a Service record, the list was filtered by requests which are directly associated with that service? This doesn't seem to be happening - and the view is showing ALL requests, regardless of the service they were logged against. SHOULD this be filtered? If so, could it be looked at and fixed please? thanks
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    @Jeremy The h_source_id stores Analyst User ID, Email Message id , Guest Portal username, Co-worker User ID as documented in https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Table_Info:_Main_Request_Table The example in your screenshot was raised from an email, hence the message ID.
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    Hi Dave Just another thought around this setup - I note we can send a notification to the team a request is assigned, so was trying to understand why the Owners manager is pulled from the Profile and not the team structure (we have put a lot of effort into our team setup with members, team leaders and managers so would prefer to use this as the source for a Owners manager) We were also hoping to use the Team Leader role for these escalations rather than the Manager - is the Team Leader role excluded here as well? Can you comment further please? Thanks
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    Hi @NickH Did you get this working in the end? This may be to do with: 1) The command you are running 2) Possibly the date criteria you have added We will be in touch to discuss Kind Regards Bob Dickinson
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    If people are willing, can I ask for other companies/users to share images of their homepage screens in the Employee Portal? I just wanted to get a feel for what others are doing well and if there anything that we can steal/use in our set up...I will go first and include an image of our homepage!
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    Hi @Adrian Simpkins I think you pretty much had the correct answer for all three points: 1. The new configuration would apply to new requests as you create them it won't be retrospectively applied 2. If you have it configured to send to owner but no owner is set then it will simply not send an email.. as you mentioned you can configure multiple notifications to contact relevant members as needed 3. The manager is indeed determined from the manager on the user profile, if one is not set then again it simply won't send the email. Hope that helps. Kind Regards, Dave
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    Thanks Steven, I have added the new SLA to a service fine, and I have also added priorities and escalation rules, and it is attached to the Service with no issues. Must have just been some weird blip on the first one - I have deleted that now and will work with this new one Many thanks for the assistance !
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    @Adrian Simpkins maybe try linking the MSE - Linking SLA to your test service and then go back into the SLA (change the name if desired), add a basic SL Target, and basic auto escalations. See if this is then visible to be linked to another service If it is, perhaps it is something to do with the MSE - Test SLA, perhaps something went wrong on creation etc. if you can't see the new one on other services, then we can explore if there is specific auto-escalation actions which are causing an issue? I've added some auto-escalations and i can still see and link that new SLA to my service, i am hopeful it is not that.
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    for the standard change do you not need to reference the pcf/form that was logged rather than the request details? As the request does not know that the analyst chose Standard, so you would need a get progressive capture details node and reference from there?
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    Hi @Foley Coker A new data entity option has been added which will return only Colleagues and not Basic Users It should be in the next build of Service Manager. Hope that helps Regards Mohamed
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    @Adam Toms there is a column h_bpm_authorised in the main h_itsm_requests table - so if you use the change entity to generate your report this should be available to you, or if you build a sql report you can join the this and the change table. * There is a BPM operation to mark a request as approved. Assuming that all authorisations are driven from approval tasks - then you could in your business processes write the completion date / time to a custom field. As you may have multiple approvals / weightings etc you could use the Get Last Authorisation Details node, after the change is approved - this will include in it's output params the completion date/time Use the variable picker and update a custom field (using a date/time field custom field) Name the Field Something like Approval Date / Time Then in your report you could look at the all requests where h_bpm_authorised = authorised AND Approval Date / Time is greater than Start of Today - assuming you ran this at 4:20 or 4:15 it would only include those authorised by that time, so no need to have an endofday value? Obviously this would only work for change requests going forward where the BPM is writing to a custom field where you can use the date / time to filter the approved changes on, but may work for you?
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    @Paul Alexander We have the same issue and have raised it with Support previously. I believe it is a known issue. Cheers Martyn
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    Afternoon Would it be possible to have a mechanism to increase the display font of the outgoing email box as it is very small. You can zoom into the whole page which allows the browser zoom option to be used, however it would be good to have the option within the timeline to zoom a single field (Could also apply to the Update field). The font size in the window is set to default. When viewing the source this is set to 10pt, even though within the email template the font is set to 12pt. Ideally we would like the option of a 'Zoom Field' button that would increase the viewed size whilst typing but would not affect the email defaults when sent. Thanks Martin
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    Hi Ilyaas, Thanks for your post. Provided that you are referring to either Basic or full User accounts, you can set the manager for a user in the Administration Tool. You need to browse to the the System->Organisational Data->Users page and then open the account that you want to set. Select the About tab and you will see the manager field near the top. Hope this helps. Regards, James
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    Hi @Jack_Podmore With regards to adding images via the clipboard on the Request Details description field, this functionality needs to be investigated by the Collaboration Team. In the mean time however, a workaround solution we've provided is to allow the same functionality you've requested via the Attachments form in the Employee Portal. This functionality should be available in the next build Hope that helps Regards Mohamed
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    @James Ainsworth great to see this now been implemented. I wondered if the same functionality could be developed as above? I think there is a lot of justification for a persistent banner per customer also. Regards, Mike.
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    Hi Giuseppe, Thanks for your post. The Hornbill Automation for the BPM Human Task doesn't yet have this new feature for assigning to a team. We are looking to get this added. There is a lot of great work going on with the BPM engine, and this update to the Human Task will come as part of that work. No time frame yet, but it is something that you will see over time. Regards, James
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    this is a +1 for us too, however i would like to throw a spanner (a good one) in the works. Can this also appear when you are logging a request in the PCF so you choose bloggsj as your customer and it either pops up this message or displays underneath the customer search box?
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    Hi, are there any plans to update the scheduled jobs feature or allow for actually service requests to be scheduled like you can in Supportworks? He are often audited on certain tasks that our IT teams need to complete on a daily monthly or yearly basis, and the current version of Scheduled Jobs that creates simple activities just isn't fit for purpose. In the Supportworks there was a very good feature of being able to create a new incident or service request, and then save it as a scheduled job. Doing this gave the analyst an actual request with a reference number and a way to update the timeline with comments or attachments etc. This also made it very easy to quickly search for details within the request, which is not easy with activities in Service Manager. I'm very surprised you took this feature away when developing service manager as it was simple and effective. You've recently added new features to the BPM activities, and is there any reason why the scheduled job activities wasn't developed either? If the above isn't possible, would it be possible to add more features to the activities templates feature that allow you to edit the outcomes to be able to raise a new request? If you could then specify what details were in that new request it would make life a lot easier. Please can you advise if there is any planned work for this as I'm sure other companies would benefit from the updates to scheduled jobs and activities. Thank you Regards, Andy Hodkinson
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    One of the main reasons that I think a scheduled Service Request works better for us than an Activity is that we can't see the activities UNLESS we look somewhere other than the list of requests if a stand alone activity needs to be completed. The main bulk of all our analysts' work sits in the Request List. The fact that activities sits outside of this list means that people either forget to look for outstanding activities, or just focus on their request list first, and activities get missed. This is why we'd prefer all of our work to be encapsulated in a request ticket - with attached activities being a part of that ticket. I do understand that we SHOULD probably be getting the analysts to make sure that they check the activities lists more often, but our reporting looks at numbers of requests and time spent on them rather than activities, so that is where people will be focussing their work. As has been mentioned before somewhere, maybe if the 'stand alone' activities could be shown in the request list, along with Service requests, Incidents etc then maybe this would make things easier for those of us who don't (for whatever reason) don't always get around to checking their activities lists? I have to say though - even after knowing the why's and wherefores about the current thinking about why a scheduled SR hasn't been made easier, I'd still prefer that SR's COULD be scheduled a little easier - but only because that's how we use Hornbill!
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