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    Caveat above ^^^ However: SELECT h_resolvedby_user_id, year_week, MAX(resolved_count) AS record FROM ( SELECT h_resolvedby_user_id, COUNT(h_pk_reference) as resolved_count, CONCAT(YEAR(h_datelogged), '/', WEEK(h_datelogged)) as year_week FROM h_itsm_requests WHERE h_resolvedby_user_id IS NOT NULL GROUP BY h_resolvedby_user_id, year_week ORDER BY resolved_count DESC ) AS x GROUP BY x.h_resolvedby_user_id ORDER BY record DESC appears to work. Of course, if you have more than 100 Analysts you will hit the same error, and I have only tried this in Database Direct, so there may be additional factors in a Measure.
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    @Aaron Summers, you can sort by status in any folder so you can see the ones you want at the top.
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    We already have a change in our backlog for this based on this earlier post.