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    Hi @Cizzling In the Service Manager update that went out today, we have included the ordering of the connections. You have the option to order by either first name or last name in ascending or descending order. In the future we will also look at including a filter, but hoping that this will help out until that is available. Regards, James
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    @HHH in the next Service Manager update all Suspend options will have optional definable expiry periods. This would allow you to set an expiry period and then perform another action in the workflow if the assignment has not been made in the timeframe you expect. This update is due in the next week to ten days
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    @samwoo thanks very much for taking the time to provide these detailed thoughts and ideas. As you may recall from the Insights event from earlier this year we are looking at re-vamping the service experience for your end users / employees so this type of feedback is really useful. Let us digest the ideas and check alignments to our current development plans.
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    Hello @Aaron Summers I think its a bug. I will report this issue to the relevant people in order to fix it. I will also mention your requirement to show the number of users the asset is shared with. Regards Armando
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    Hi @James Ainsworth, Is there a date scheduled for this change please? This is causing us issues since we went live as customers are emailing (and attaching) authorisation for access. While we can see the attached authorisation in the email, when the email gets deleted, the attachment will also be deleted. I understand that we can save the attachments and upload them ourselves, but this is an overhead as we get several requests like this. Additionally, being able to reply to an email and adding an attachment, rather than going to the customer portal, saving an authorisation email, and then uploading it as an attachment, greatly enhances the overall customer experience. Many thanks, Alisha
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    Hi @Martyn Houghton Currently, the language for each post/comment on a timeline is set to the default language of the person who posted which can lead to the incorrect language being set if the user doesn't have this set correctly or speaks multiple languages. We a planning to add a language detection feature which will automatically detect the language which the user is using when they post to reduce the likelihood of this occurring, I don't have a timescale for when this will be made available at the moment but we let you know when we release it. Thanks Trevor Harris
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    Hi @Steven Boardman I wonder if this is any further forward than previously? There are some users who would MASSIVELY benefit from this, but others who would be inundated and would need to setup gmail filters to bin them (which I would obviously like to avoid!)
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    @Cassie thats cool. I'll just need a little time to sanitise it.
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    Thanks @AlexTumber I'm going to take that as a challenge Thank you......I look forward to never having to talk about this again! cheers Paul
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    Thanks to all for the replies - and to the Hornbill team for the quick fix!
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    Thanks @Michael Sharp. I've added you to the change record. I also wanted to provide an update and let everyone know that this change request for setting a colour on a priority is now in our 90 Day development queue. Regards, James
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    Someone asked me about this very feature today, so we would also like this re-instated.
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    Oh... Hmmm... well... according to the logs and investigation done by Mr. @AlexTumber the project fails t create because the "Create Date" does not have a value. This date, however, is picked up from the user session so it should always have a value... We have raised this behaviour internally for discussion so we will keep you updated on this...
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    @chriscorcoran - check the FAQs section, we have created what we like to think a very detailed guide for setting timers in Service Manager:
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    Thank you to all that attended yesterdays Hornbill Academy Webinar "Winning with Analytics". It was great to see such a big turnout and I hope everyone found the content useful in some way. An hour is a very short space of time to talk about Analytics! There were a number of questions asked at the end of the webinar and unfortunately time was against us so I was unable to answer many of them. As promised, here is the follow up to those questions. "Will a recording of the session be made available to view again?" Yes, we will make the recording available to all those who attended the webinar. Details will be sent out soon. "Is there anyway to view a slideshow without having to log into admin console? As this makes it difficult to have a dashboard running on a display screen as a user needs to be left logged in on a separate session on the screen for it to run." Currently dashboards can't be published or distributed in any way. A slideshow must be run in the context of a user who has the appropriate roles to run the slideshow and access the data being show on the dashboard. Generally speaking, any action or operation performed in your instance is done in the context of a particular user. "When configuring a measure, what impact do the the "scorecard" and "sparkline" limits have?" The Scorecard and sparkline limit settings dictate how many samples are shown in the scorecard and in the sparkline graphics on the list of measures. We talked about sample history being the number of samples that would be stored in the system. There may be a situation where your sample history is quite large, say 180 samples (i.e. if you wanted to store 6 months worth of daily samples), however trying to display 180 scorecards or 180 points on the sparkline is probably not a good idea unless you've got a REALLY big monitor. It's partly an aesthetic consideration, and typically only the most recent samples are relevant for that at-a-glance trend the list of measures provide. When creating a measure, what is the function of the "Date Ranging Column2"? As we know, the date-ranging column defines the date/time field that determines the sample period the record (e.g. request) relates to. i.e. in the case of a measure that is sampling daily, do the records relate to Mon, Tues, Weds, or Thurs, etc. The Date Ranging Column2 allows us to set a second date/time field which is useful if we want to create measures such as "Incidents Logged and Resolved in the same day". In this example, you would set the first date ranging column to be "date logged", and the second date ranging column to use "date resolved". The measure would then only include a record for Monday if the date logged and date resolved both occurred on Monday. Widget Examples There were also a couple of questions asking how to create particular widgets. I'll cover these in separate posts. Dan
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    @Darren Rose just an update to say in the next Service Manager update, Service Availability metrics will be available, not 100% what you were asking for here but i thought it may be useful from an availability perspective - remembering of course you can change a services status automatically as part of of a business process, and you have the option with this new feature to view MTBF, MTTR and Availability % per SLA per Service https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Availability The next update is due in the next week to ten days time
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    I'm please to let you know that the work on this requirement has been completed. Documentation on this new BPM Operation can be found here. This will be available in Service Manager Build 1386 and newer. We are expecting this update to be available for the live environment over the next week or two. Regards, James
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    Hi Can I just add to what @Aaron Summers has requested, could we also have an ability to set a maximum number of users we can set against an asset? For example certain software may have a restricted number of licences so if we can set a max. No of user to a field in Asset Details. If empty or not visibld then unlimited users can be assigned to an asset If a number is defined then this is the maximum number of users who can be assigned to an asset. This will go hand in hand with the count of users. For example you might see 20/50 or 45/50. If not defined then you will just see the count. Thanks, Samuel
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    @Michael Sharp We use two measures, one for opened and one for closed, which is then displayed on a Data Chart Widget. Set the Data Type to Measured Samples, then use the 'Add new series' option to add both the Open and Closed measures. Cheers Martyn
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    I'll add us as interested as well since we have a lot of linked requests this would ease things
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    @Steven Boardman No problem at all, Hornbill is a solution I'd want to see thrive beyond anything imaginable so whatever I can do to be a part of that, I will try Also wondered what other users thought about this as well? THanks, Samuel
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    Forgot to add other points above Hovering over the banner in the Portal will stop the banner from switching to the next one. Taking your mouse off the banner resets the duration Hovering over a title will stop the Portal Banner from switching to the next one Hovering over the title will display a popup containing the full text of the entire title if the title is too long to show in the Portal. Taking your mouse off the title will reset the duration it takes before switching to the next banner Clicking on another title not currently selected will switch to that banner Just chucking around ideas
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    Just had a thought about this somewhat. Why not have a new area under Service Manager Services Portfolio for managing Portal Banners? This will then allow users to do various things. Create / Edit / Delete Banners in a single area Create Banners not tied to Services Create / Edit Banners and link them to Services if so required Create / Edit Banners and link them to Catalogs (takes users straight to a form if required) Create / Edit Banners and link them to external sources such as other Web pages or Intranet sites. Additional options would include Include the Banner Title and Banner Content Ability to define an icon against the banner should one need to Ability to only show the Banner in the main Portal or only against the Service or in both areas Ability to re-order banners using drag and drop on the fly to prioritise them (or they can be left alone unordered) Ability to set the duration of the Banner before it switches to the next one in the ordering set. Carry over the current ability to hide shadow, set start and end date etc. Visibility of the Banner can be set to "All", " Service Subscription", "Service Owners", " Organizations", "Roles", " Users" and if we can... set to users who are assigned to specific "Asset Types". The visibility of these wholly depends on then visibility options we choose Any Banners created here will show up in the Banners area against the Services within the Services Portfolio if they are linked. But we should have the following in my opinion for displaying the banner(s). The Banner region on the Portal will be divided into 2 sections and will be device responsive. The left (or right) should be smaller and have a list of Title's of the Banner showing (with the icon if present) in the order specified in the Banners area of the Service Portfolio. The other side will be larger and will show the banner content as we have now. The list will be highlighted with the currently shown Banner and move to the next in the list after a duration (if custom or default). This means that the Banner ordering will be visualize and yet the users will only see the Banners they have visibility of. I hope I explained this clearly. Thanks, Samuel
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    HI @Lyonel, Just to let you know that tonight there will be a platform build that will include the fix for this problem. Let me know if is OK now ( or if is not :-( ) Daniel.
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    I'm please to let you know that the ability to include Charts when sharing a view is now available as of Service Manager Build 1378. Any chart that has been created on a view will now be included when shared and the user that the View is shared with will have the option to enable the Chart on their Personal Dashboard. Regards, James