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    Thanks for your posts and interest in this feature. We do have a change request in our backlog to provide this feature. This is not currently scheduled for development, but I have added everyone's interest in this to the change. We will update this post as it progresses. Regards, James
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    @Martyn Houghton Visibility levels are described here: https://api.hornbill.com/_types/activityVisibilityType Kind Regards Trevor Killick
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    @Kelvin I'm sure you've tried all this anyway, but does changing the condition from '=' to 'contains' make any difference? Or double check that you haven't put a trailing space after the Yes in the list item? These little niggles are frustrating eh?
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    @Charlie Jones We have raised it internally and hope to have an answer out to you soon. I see this is a popular request. I will see what I can do Thanks Pamela
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    @Gerry @AbdiH Not sure where to raise this so please move as appropriate. I am at a point where I would like to re-evaluate the Project Manager app and this reminds me of something I wanted to suggest. Many of us are evangelists for Hornbill within our own organizations and I think it would be beneficial if each organization/admin was given a free license for each of your apps in order to continue to evaluate them. This would allow us to keep abreast of app developments until such a time as appropriate for our adoption (as I'm hoping is the case for Project Manager). Could you give this some thought as to whether this would be something you would be prepared to facilitate and if so to what extent. If this isn't something that is forthcoming soon can you advise the best approach for me to evaluate Project Manager? Thanks Keith
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    Hi @TrevorKillick, I was surprised when I noticed the date I posted this thread... cant believe the time. It's been a couple of weeks so here is a gentle nudge to remind you:
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    200% with you on this one
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    @dwalby Yes, in the way that both your issue and the one discussed here are steaming from the same set of changes... however your issue is actually the one raised here:
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    Hello @LawesD, I do understand your point and think is a valid reason to support multiline labels. Due to the type of technology we use (without getting in to technicality) we will need to make certain changes that will not allow displaying the animations anymore for the label when you click on it. I think is worth the change so we will do this. Thank you for your feedback and I'll keep you updated when this change takes place. Daniel.
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    @Martyn Houghton, I was probably not clear in my last post. There is no experimental flag anymore. The feature is available. So you can go to the progressive capture and use it. Thanks, Daniel.
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    I agree it seems we are on different timelines but I can't comment on what I can't see currently I think you have summarised what I need well. The only thing I would possibly add to that is the ability to filter the published defect list by the problems that I am affected by (either raised as a result of my incident or where I manually flagged it as "I'm Affected") .
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    @Daniel Dekel Thanks for the head up and I have shared the screenshot internally. I can indeed now see that we can re-order the the outcomes as well in the Admin tool. Thanks for your perseverance on this. Cheers Martyn
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    @Victor I have attached the .txt file as requested. Looking at it I think I can add the variables from the BPM node into the long text field by using the email template editor as a HTML editor. Change Form.txt
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    Hi @Martyn Houghton, We've done the change and will be available in our next build. There is going to be a Nano Training notice if there are too many outcomes so that people understand the change. The Admin Tool also has already an option to reorder the outcomes and a tooltip for the outcome will soon be available. Hope you find this change useful. Thanks, Daniel.
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    OK thanks for that @Gerry I'll increase the timeout Carl
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    If you refresh the page does it still show as red? Best i can do is reload the view after a restart or continue process is triggered from the view. If its fixed (bpm instance state shows no error) then it will not show process as broken. Will add this in.
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    @Mohamed, yes sorry, in PC. In the description: On the form: This is in the top description field for labels. If I add the text to the bottom description field the * are shown rather than the markup.
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    @Keith Good question! I actually wanted to do that for a while but never got round to actually doing it... But because it's you and I have a similar need, but mainly because things have evolved and so has my knowledge in Hornbill, here is what you need: Note: if you alias your tables, make sure you update the table name in the "concat" function Hope this answers your need?
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    Have made a change in the BPM operation to allow the lane param to be optional, this should prevent the second error you posted from occurring. This will be in the next release of BoardManager in the next few days
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    Hi @Aaron Summers We do have some more Multi-select options that we are planning on adding over time. The current set of options are currently under an experimental flag. Before adding any more to this we will look to bring this out as a standard feature. Once that is done we can add more options. This is not scheduled yet so I'm unable to provide any time frames. Regards, James
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    Looks like there is an issue where the summary is missing if it is populated via a question form instead of the request details form in progressive capture. Hopefully this will get fixed as well. Ryan
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    @davidrb84 as Josh mentions above this will show those who are looking to assign if the account manager is out of the office, the account manager can set their status and supporting message, which you will see if you hover over their status when looking who to assign too Steve
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    You can set accounts to "out of Office" or "On Holiday" which shows up during the assignment of calls. Ignore the awful covering of names. this allows for you to know when someone is away. This is obviously all dependent on the users staying on top of their status.
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    @Dan Munns I am really sorry, I did try to let it go, told myself to resist but I simply cannot ... so: Struggling finishing that quest? Or you're in need of better buffs? Need to prepare for the raid? ... Like I said, tried to resist but this is too much for me to let it go...