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    Hi all, I just wanted to take a second to thank everybody at Hornbill for the recent massive change around emails and rich text formatting within a request! This is a very long awaited feature (for me anyway) and one of the very few key feature that was missing compared to the competition. So well done for the change, and thank you! In my organisation, the change was reasonably well received. Many struggled with the snippets (and how to use them properly with our email templates), to the point that this was the only thing I could hear all day. People are never happy, are they? They have been moaning about emails formatting since day 1, and now that it is here they still find something to moan about!? Thankfully, some of my colleagues found the change extremely useful and well done. They love it and actually see the added value. Surprisingly, it is mainly the people who are generally bad with computers (e.g. don't know how to take a screenshot properly) who were very pleased with the change . Go figure... I would be interested to hear some feedback from other customers too... What have you heard about it? What is your experience with it?
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    Very pleased about that, thanks @AlexTumber
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    I'm pleased to let you know that we now have a feature that allows you to add multiple users against an asset. On each asset next to the Used By field, you can mark it as a Shared asset. Once enabled, you can add multiple users, or Groups, Contacts, or external Organisations that use this asset. I hope this helps. Regards, James
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    @Darren Rose I'm pleased to say that Project Links will be included in the next Project Manager update. Looking forward to hearing your feedback :-) Alex
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    @Cizzling There points resonate very closely to our own enhancements we would like to see to the Customer Portal and some we have already raised on the Forum. @James Ainsworth, @Gerry As the Service Portal is being consumed into the Live User App, is with worth having a separate section on the forum for the Customer Portal? Cheers Martyn
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    @Jeremy @Lightsource @Darren Rose @BobbyB @samwoo @Jeremy @Martyn Houghton in the Service Manager update today it is now possible to change the displayed customer attributes in the customer section on a request These are global settings and available via admin console > Service Manager > Configuration You can set different attributes if the customer of the request is a user or a contact Steve
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    Gotta love you guys! Thanks a lot.
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    I am taking some time off this month so I'll be on forums on and off... If something needs urgent or immediate attention please mention one of the Hornbill Staff to assist you as I might not be able to reply.
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    Would it be possible to have the option to duplicate a task within a project. My PM's feedback to me that this would greatly increase the speed at which they can add tasks. Could this functionality be added? e.g. Sometimes you might have 3 similar tasks, but different assignees. Being able to make duplicates, and then simply change the assignee would be helpful Thanks Darren
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    Hi @Alisha, I can confirm that the problem was fixed and should be in the next Collaboration Core build. Thank you, Daniel.
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    Hi @HHH We do have a change that will allow you to select the visible columns that are displayed on the customer portal, but this is not available yet. What is available is an option to provide a different label to display to the customer. For an open request you may have In Progress as your standard for what the customer sees, while the Service Manager users will see something more specific. Personally, I think that removing the sub-status column would leave the customer wondering Why is it on hold? Rather than giving away the details of why something is on hold, you can provide something friendly to put them at ease.
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    Hi @Cizzling I've added a change to our backlog to provide an option on an organisation record to manage the service subscriptions for that organisation. This is not currently scheduled. I will update this post when I have some progress with the change. Regards, James
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    @HHH - alternatively, if you like to look in the DB directly, the Service ID used by the BP will be the ID where h_pk_serviceid = h_linked_service_id. For example, this query will return the IDs you need (along with the service name): SELECT h_pk_serviceid, h_servicename FROM h_itsm_services WHERE h_pk_serviceid = h_linked_service_id
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    We traced the issue to a Microsoft security update - if you have updated IE11 to version Version: 11.09600.19101 Update Version: 11.0.75 (KB4343205) See https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4343205/cumulative-security-update-for-internet-explorer, check out known issues section and fixes. We are rolling out 2018-09 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Server 2012 R2 for x64-based systems (KB4457426) which has fixed this issue for us.
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    Hi @LawesD I am not sure this is currently possible. One option i did think about was the following: 1. You create a General group and have nobody in this group 2. You subscribe this group to the service, and make this service visible on the portals - obviously no one will see this as they are not subscribed too the service. 3. You create another new service with a catalog item which allows customers to request access to this or other services via a catalog item, this can have everyone or a subset of users subscribed to this service which will be visible on the portal and allow Access Requests 4. In the supporting business process, you can have your approval process for validating their access to the Hidden service, and if approved you can automatically add the user into the newly created General group, which will in turn make the service visible to them on the portal. 5. You can achieve this by using the Hornbill iBridge option in your process > iBridge > Hornbill > Admin > Add User to General Group (i) You would need to set up the Hornbill iBridge Keysafe to use this iBridge - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Hornbill_iBridge KeySafe - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Hornbill_KeySafe Hornbill - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Hornbill_Integration_Bridge (ii) You would need to use a Automated Task > Request > Get Request Information > Customer Details node before the iBridge node, so you could then use the variable picker in the User Id attribute field in the iBridge node and inject the customer from the request into this field and to add them to the group Not 100% what you were asking for, however i hope it might provide you with an option or something else to explore Steve
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    thanks, @alextumber It would be a really useful addition. We use a number of external references - PowerBI dashboards etc... - that would be ideal as project related links, making the whole process far more efficient
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    @Paul Alexander - we would like to see this from a different perspective... so you're not behind everyone else is just that we are ahead of everyone else...
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    @Darren Rose thanks for your post. I'll feed this back to our product and development teams Alex
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    Until the snippets are fixed, I suggest using this variable: {{Customer Contact.H_firstname}} in the template itself (similar for the last name). If you are supporting internal users then use this variable: {{Customer Coworker.H_first_name}}. If using a mix then set them both using ESP conditions.
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    I can clarify with an example. I have set up a field as below. Notice that the field type is Label and both Description and Default Value fields are presented. The below is the existing behaviour whereby the Default Value is presented as the label and the Description is presented below it. The change in behaviour within the current Service Manager build, shows the Default Value (i.e. the label) in the Questions section and hides the Description (or what was referred as the "answer") when the field type is Label. This change was made to improve the presentation of Label fields in the Questions section. Thanks, Ehsan
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    @Martyn Houghton ok, sorry i wrongly assumed you were using the BPM for adding to board - i'll raise the question about setting the content of the card types when configuring the boards. In regards to the BPM option, it is a little involved. 1. If you choose App and or Card Type you are limited to the default content (i.e. you can't inject variables) and two way links from the request > board and board > card are maintained 2. If you don't choose an App or Card Type, you can still link back from a card on a board to the request but you won't have a link from the request > board and the drag and drop assignment is an issue on the boards 3. If you have a Card Type but no App you can link back from the card to the request and from request to the board but you can't set the content and the drag and drop assignment is an issue on the boards I've fed the issues back and we'll look at addressing these Steve
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    Yes, you would need to add live.hornbill.com there... set it to Direct Outbound ...
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    Hi @gregmarcroftorc Service Manager updates usually come every couple of weeks. The next one is due this week, but this will depend on readiness of the update. If not this week, it will be early next week. In most cases when you see someone mention ''the next update'' you can usually consider it as something that will be available in the two weeks that follow. Regards, James
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    Hello, @Steven Boardman - could you add me as an interested party to both of these points above (if there is an item for each of them) - the Asset Picker - which will prove useful and PCF Add Connection / Add Multiple Customers. Regarding what @DeadMeatGF has mentioned... A scenario in my case would be to allow users to select their colleagues either as Customers or Connections and would therefore allow them to view and update the ticket. This is particularly useful when... 1. An issue is affecting certain users so one person raises a request and name all the other people affected 2. Multiple users are an interested party in any Service Requests, might not necessarily be a whole team 3. When someone is logging a ticket on behalf of someone else 4. We can trigger in the BPM that if there is a connection type of "on behalf" is used, and it is only one person with that type, then automatically change the customer to that person. (I have a feeling i may be an interested party already for a change related to adding connections via the PCF) Just wanted to add my reasonings for having these features Thanks, Samuel