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    Hi Hornbill, Is there a reason the EmployeeId field is hidden expect when you using the SOAP API? Would be good field to show in the admin portal instead of using a custom attribute to store HR Employee Id. This would save having to use a custom attribute. Thoughts? Jonny
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    @Jeremy this has been fixed and will be update the righthandside correctly with the next Service Manager update (next week all being well)
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    @Alberto M the values shown in my screenshot are the default values for this settings... if having this values you have the issue you described then adjust the values... that's what I meant... For example... work with the retry timeplan... like increase the gap for the retry sequences... or add more ... perhaps increase the failure retry time This being said, however, based on the error you posted, the issue lays with the O365 account having a submission quota. The retries won't be of much help, you would still have the same amount of emails and they will keep hitting the max quota... this really needs to be sorted on O365 side...
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