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    @Steve G Thanks you for your reply. I've got this working now
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    @Giuseppe Iannacone which section do you refer ? The report section in Service Manager only report on requests unless I'm missing something. P.S. tutti in buona salute per fortuna, grazie. Tu e la tua famiglia come state ? Anche io mi auguro che siate tutti in buona salute. Mi auguro che la situazione si risolva presto, la gente e' stanca. E poi mi serve la farina per fare le orecchiette, quella buona dall'Italia, e io sono bloccato qui :-D
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    Hi @Jamie Talbot, This error would generally mean the Google Drive token in the keysafe key does not have permissions to talk to the APIs required to read the list of spreadsheets. There should be a more descriptive error message in the browser console, if you press F12 in your browser you will be taken to the console to check the actual error. Thanks, Steve
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    HI @Jamie Talbot, If you want to create a new row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet, you should use the Append integration, as the Update integration is for updating existing rows in a sheet. For your use case, the Update node, and Cell Data parameter, should be configured as so, where the first Cell Value contains the request reference, and the second Cell Value contains the request summary. Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks, Steve
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    @Jamie Talbot In the cell data you can use the variable picker to inject the values you want i.e summary / request ID etc - remember after your task outcome and decison, you may want to use a get request info, and then inject the variables from this node. As shown below, if you need / want to invert multiple data values, you can use the + button to add a new cell value field, and us the variable picker to populate it. After this, the help info may assist with populating the other mandatory fields Hope that helps
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    Thanks, we will apply & observe. Much appreciated.
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    Hi @Steven Cotterell It should apply retrospectively as this is just a front end correction to the indicator, nothing changed in terms of the underlying data.
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