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    @AlexTumber Many thanks, I will let the managers know this is coming. It is quite key to our task assignment and management of workload.
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    EXCELLENT ! i will review later but for now that is perfect thanks fellas, massive thumbs up
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    @Alberto M I've just checked through and we don't currently populate any variables into this confirmation, it was initially provided as a simple confirmation method with an update such as "This is an automated system message to inform you that your Hornbill request has been successfully updated". I'll raise it internally to see if we can get a change raised for that. Kind Regards, Dave
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    @Steven Cotterell nah, I don't think you can access the logs I need (you can only see the logs from current day) and I can get them anyway, don't worry about those. Just the examples should be enough
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    The latest build of Hornbill Live Chat (77) has been released to live.Change Log for this release are as follows: Fix Delays in the UI updating when messages are received Participants list not showing anything Memory leak when closing a chat Incorrect url link to Hornbill website from the app store inside the Hornbill Admin Tool Cancel Session was always shows even if the session had been canceled.
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    @Steven Cotterell Might be worth creating a temporary folder within the mailbox and adjust the 'Target Folder Failure'. You would least know then if the rule was being triggered but failing for those emails going into the temporary folder or if the rule is not matching them at all and they stay in the inbox proper. Cheers Martyn
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    Hi Shamaila, Check the list of stage check points as shown in this screen grab. Remove any that you are not using.
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    Hi, Just to update here, a BPM operation Email Primary Contact is now available for the Organization Entity in Hornbill Collaboration Application, please see image for example of how to use Thanks Trevor Harris
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    Hi Lyonel, It mostly depends on WHAT information you want to get out: Option 1 will not, I think, give you a sensible number; it compares calls logged in a period with an amount of calls breached within that same period. Please note that some of these breached calls might have been logged before the period. The percentage generated would imply, but is not, the percentage of calls meeting their SLA logged within the period. Option 2 is where my vote would go for %breach (one is comparing resolved calls). Alternatively, one can report on percentage of breached calls currently open. One can also report on: out of the amount of calls logged within this period, how many have breached (and transform it into a percentage). Please note that calls could still be open and (about to) breach. OR: out of the amount of calls logged within this period, how many of the resolved calls have breached. Needless to say, this percentage will vary over time as more calls from that period get closed. The other thing to keep in mind is the various SLAs. Tallying P1's and P3's in the same heap might give a very skewed picture: eg 99% meeting of SLA could hide 100% missing of P1's Anyhow, I hope I have given you some food for thought. Sam
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