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    Hi Martyn, If you are familiar with the Tags in Document manager, we do have a plans to apply this to requests. Would this be enough to satisfy your requirement? Once the Tag component is included we could look at different ways of leveraging this.
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    @Steven Cotterell Unfortunately this setting is only being applied in the collaboration client atm, we will introduce a new application setting guest.anonymous.core.maxfileUploadSize which will allow you to increase this value in the portal too. This should be available soon, and will update here when its released. Thanks Trevor Harris
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    @AWeaire From a permissions point of view I believe it is the two Accounts System Rights below. Cheers Martyn
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    @AWeaire We had this initially, but we altered the setting so the reset emails came from our email address domain rather than the hornbill.com one. I think it might be this system setting, but @Victor should be able to confirm. Cheers Martyn
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    +1 from us too please. We could use this. We have all our 'services' that we offer to our customers patternized, so at some point we would like to automate the build of the services directly from our patterns making it as much as 'single button press to deploy' as possible.
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    @James Ainsworth, Just stumbled across this thread after an Internal conversation about the need for a Knowledge Base in Hornbill and wanted to add our thoughts. We would like to see 'Documents' that are searchable for text from places like a 'Ticket' or the 'Request List' or a dedicated 'Knowledge Base'/'Document Manager' screen. The search should take place in, but not be limited to, the title, description, tags and even viewable content in the 'document'. The documents should either be available to paste into/attach to a Ticket (for Customer Visibility), or just be made viewable from a ticket as they would give ideas on how to resolve Incidents or fulfill Service Requests. The documents should not necessarily be only viewable if the ticket is associated against a certain Service. I can see in some instances, documents would apply to multiple services. It might also be useful to have 'rating'/'no.of views' stats available for these documents. Just some ideas - looking forward to seeing some progress as it looks like its been on the list for quite a while and people do seem to want a 'good' Knowledge Base. Will watch this space avidly.
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