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    The latest build of Hornbill Project Manager (250) has been released to live.Change Log for this release are as follows: New Gantt Chart Dependencies - Dependencies between tasks are now shown on the tasks gantt chart Project RAG Status - Set the RAG Status of your project and visualise the status in a graph on each project's overview tab. Project Progress - Set the progress of your project (0-100%) and visualise the progress in a graph on each project's overview tab. Project RAG Tolerances can now be defined against project templates Project RAG Tolerance Templates - Add templated descriptions for your RAG Tolerances so that you don't need to enter them each time when adding RAG Toelrances to a project Right Hand Bar Timelines - It's now possible to take a 'sneak peak' into record timelines. This is available for projects, tasks and risks in the project portfolio. This is also available for tasks, risks, issues and rag tolerances inside a project. Project RAG Tolerances Projects and Project Tasks that are added as cards on boards can now be configured with different colours It is now possible to specify a type against a project attachment Change It is now possible to change the start and due dates of a task by dragging or moving it on a gantt chart Draggable columns. Whilst you have always been able to customise the columns on any table in Project Manager that displays the 'cog' icon you can now do so by dragging and dropping the columns in table view for convenience. This is customisable on a per user basis UI functionality has been refreshed Fix Missing translation strings Occasional issue when updating project tasks When adding new project relationships the table would not refresh correctly Issue when copying a project template. Not all values and related data was always copied Issue when updating project tasks that are displayed as cards in Hornbill Board Manager would sometimes cause an error to be thrown.
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    Yes I did speak to them when we signed up ... unfortunately not my decision otherwise I'd have snapped them up due to the simplification it would have brought if nothing else. One to revisit at renewal time I think...
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