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    Hi @Aaron Summers Just to follow up on this, we've identified the issue and we'll have a fix included for our next update. Regards, Dave.
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    Hi @Cizzling In the Service Manager update that went out today, we have included the ordering of the connections. You have the option to order by either first name or last name in ascending or descending order. In the future we will also look at including a filter, but hoping that this will help out until that is available. Regards, James
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    Hi @Aaron Summers Thanks for the post, it does indeed look like something a bit odd is going on with the paging in this view, I'll get a problem raised and we'll investigate further. Kind Regards, Dave.
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    @Michael Sharp Hi Mike, Thanks for the info, we will take a look. I would like to see some integration with telephony, the IP telephony is becoming ever more ubiquitous so there are probably dozens of ways to go about this. The key to this sort of thing is really tight and seamless integration, often difficult between two different parties when both need to monetize. We are doing some really interesting related stuff, not exactly related to this but could lead to this sort of thing too. Make sure you come to INSIGHTS 2019 we have some really exciting stuff to release Gerry
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