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    Hello, Not sure if I've spoken to folds about this before or not, but it's something that's frustrating me! If I want to quickly search for tickets that include a certain detail, for example the below when I want to see tickets that mention "greyhounds". The results are not in any particular order. Or they look like they go by class, then date... but then on the next page there's more of each class with differing dates again. With most search results you can change how these are sorted. Like you can click a date column and have it sort by Date Logged, or Owner. But in Hornbill it seems you cannot do this? Are you guys working on any improvements to this, or am I doing something wrong?
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    From another post I believe I read that the next SM update is due in a couple of days.
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    @Keith it seems I was talking rubbish ... ... The fix is not yet in live instances, it will be on the next Service manager update... I have no idea why I thought it was already available... I am sorry *sniff...
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    Hi @dwalby, I've placed a change for adding a view that can be reached by a link from anywhere in the system. So basically when you see the site name you will be able to click on it and you will be taken to the site details in the same Collaboration Core. The only thing is that this can take some time to be developed because of other priorities but I'll keep you informed. Daniel.
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    People have a status quo bias, and don't like change. The problem with most efforts to deploy self-service, is that they're driven by IT, with the intention of reducing costs, rather than being driven (with the customer) to improve the service experience. Some of the best deployments I've seen have involved feedback from customers/users from start to finish. They focus on what the customer/user wants to do and see via the portal (FAQ's, Knowledge, videos etc). Customers usually want a simple way to say "Something's broken", or "I need something" and be able to see what's happening with their requests. The experience should be better and quicker than email. However, regardless of how good it is, you'll still need to promote the portal and an easy way to do this is with a soft launch. Get service desk staff to say "Did you know you could have logged this via self-service?" After a while, they can say..."Is there any reason you have not logged this via self-service?" The message will need to be consistently reinforced. At the same time, the "What's in it for me?" messages need to be marketed to users, e.g. Self-Service is open when we're closed, You can access popular FAQ's 24/7, etc. Although I accept that each industry is different, people are generally the same, and will use any channel that's easy to use, and delivers the best experience. Changing their current habits isn't easy, but it's worth it for both the customer and the service desk.
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