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    Hi everyone, Although I appreciate the move from ticket subject search to full ticket description body/timeline search is a big processing/indexing jump, need to plan computational impact to not degrade existing services etc, are there not other ways we can perform free text searches on the back end? Although I'd like to be able to perform free text searches I'm not sure this is something that can be rolled out to all users, we often have a need to search for a particular registration number, or serial number, or other unique(ish) bits of text, across all tickets, to establish if something has already been reported. It's not practical to include all such unique identifiers in the subject or under custom fields and some way of searching all ticket content is sorely required. The current agent search function is extremely limited, the most limited I've seen on such a large system, I had presumed there was a full search feature I was missing. This has been a widely requested feature for a number of years and its usefulness should be apparent, especially apparent when people have moved from other systems which included it (e.g. Supportworks). i don't believe the earlier post about searching through old calls in Supportworks is a separate thing relating to migrations, just that they were resorting to that due to the lack of search function in Service Manager. If you could give us a clue how you're getting on deploying the improved to the general population but in general how else we might be able to perform full searches on the back end? Thanks very much, Kind regards, Oscar
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