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    Hi, when setting up services, we can select a category ("Request Category Level") which is great (as we can now filter easily on the service portal ). Go forward, when setting up catalogue items, you can order then easily by drag & drop. This is also great for sorting them in a very specific way, giving us the ultimate flexibility. But such feature does not exist for services... Would it be possible to have a simple "Order [int]" field for services? That would allow us to order them the way we want rather than only rely on alphabetical order?
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    Hello I was wondering if we could implement something like catalog Items under the change type. The reason for this is we have a number of standard changes that have specific BPM and Progressive captures and would like the ability like catalog items under incident and requests to be able to set specific changes and pick and choose the custom workflows Is this possible? Regards Gareth
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    Hi @gwynne, Thanks for your post, we do provide an option for setting a review date on a Document, this will allow you to schedule a date when the document is due to be reviewed and will create an activity against that document to remind you when the document is up for renewal. This can be done by clicking on the Review tab on the document properties page (see screenshot) or by entering a Review Date when creating a document. The review activity will be visible in the activities panel of the document so you can assign, edit or complete the activity easily from within the document page. Hope this helps. Trevor
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    +1... This would be very useful and is also a question we have raised. Ordering the services alphabetically does not work for us as it forces some of or most used services to the bottom, which are then effectively "hidden" beyond the "Show More" button in the portal. We did try to number the services, but as soon as we hit number 10, the order was thrown out (e.g 1,10,11,2,3,4,5 etc.). We now have had to order our services by labelling them A, B, C, D etc. which is not ideal. It would be great if we were able to order these services as we choose. Thanks, Melissa
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    Thanks for your posts. We are currently defining the requirements on a change for managing attachments when manually updating a request from an email. Similar to the attachment selection in progressive capture when raising a new request from an email, you will be able to select which attachments you would like to include in your request. This not yet in our development queue but it is progressing and we will do our best to keep you up to date with its status. Regards, James
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